Why don’t you put in fun shown in the hotel


In many hotels, sexy underwear is not a common hotel supplies, but some specialty hotels will be provided.This may make people feel puzzled: Why don’t you put a fun underwear in the hotel?Next we explore this topic from several angles.

Hygiene Concerns

The hotel is a public place. Due to the personal nature of sexy underwear, there may be negative pollution problems such as viscous liquids between different customers.If it is incorrectly cleaned and disinfected, it will cause the spread of bacteria and viruses, bringing guests with potential health risks and the risk of accusing the hotel.Therefore, in order to avoid disputes and improve customer hygiene guarantee, hotels usually choose not to provide such products.

Cultur taboos

Some people believe that sexy underwear is a controversial item that is not welcomed by some culture and faith.In some social groups, these items may be regarded as obscene and shame, which is contrary to morality and values.Therefore, in order to respect guests with different cultures and faith, hotels may choose to avoid providing sexy underwear.

Target audience

Interest underwear is not suitable for everyone. Many hotels choose hotel supplies according to the needs of customer groups.If the hotel’s suitable customer group is mainly non -interesting underwear customers such as family vacations, business travel, or team inspection, it may not match the hotel brand and image, which is not suitable for the overall strategy of the hotel.

Can be easy damaged

Sex underwear is usually made of soft materials and is easily cut, damaged or other damage, so it needs to be replaced more frequently.This will increase the cost and management difficulty of the hotel, especially when the off -season or business downturn may cause a lot of burden.Therefore, hotels may choose not to provide sexy underwear to reduce costs and reduce risks.

Legal issues

In some countries and regions, the sales and use of sexy underwear are limited or prohibited by law.If the legal regulations of the hotel are illegal to provide or use sexy underwear, the hotel cannot provide these supplies.Otherwise, it may lead to risks such as legal issues and fines.

Lack of demand

Although sexy underwear is very popular among some customer groups, these supplies may not be needed among some customers.In this case, it may not be significant to provide sexy underwear, and the hotel’s financial budget will be wasted.Therefore, in order to maximize the efficiency of resource utilization and enhance customer experience, hotels may choose not to provide these supplies.

Privacy issues

Interest underwear is a private item, and it is difficult to manage it in the process of providing.If the customer’s privacy is violated or leaked, it will cause irreparable damage, and at the same time damage the reputation and image of the hotel.Therefore, in order to prevent the risk of privacy leakage, the hotel may not provide sexy underwear and establish a corresponding privacy protection system and process.

Marketing Strategy

Hotels usually have their own market positioning and marketing strategies, and sexy underwear does not necessarily meet its overall image and style.Hotels may choose the most suitable hotel supplies based on their concepts and market analysis to achieve the attraction and loyalty of target customers.In this case, if the sex lingerie does not meet the hotel brand positioning and marketing strategies, the hotel will not provide these products.


Under the current circumstances, there may be many reasons for hotels that do not provide sexy underwear.This is related to the location, culture, market demand, privacy protection, management costs, legal provisions and brand image of the hotel.The situation of each hotel is unique and needs to make decisions based on its actual situation.

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