Wife Sex Fair Inspection Underwear Performance


The Wife Sex Fair is a event to display sex products such as sexual products, adult toys, and sexy underwear.Among them, sexy underwear performances are also a popular event.These performances usually include some weird and sexy clothing, as well as poor clothes to attract the attention of the audience.

Sexual Emotional Funny Liney Style

At the Wife Sexual Expo, various sexy sexy lingerie styles are endless.Among them, stockings, black lace underwear, and sex pajamas are all very popular.These styles not only adhere to the sexy way, but also meet people’s requirements for fashion and sexy.In addition, there are some alternative styles, such as tattoo tights, vests, suspenders, etc., which are very suitable for bed performances at night.

Suitable for different body types of sexy underwear

For different body types and needs, sex underwear companies will also launch different product lines.If you are full of figure, you should choose a bra, high waist underwear, or a design that is divided into two.And if you are slim, then briefs, tight T -shirts or tight skirts will be more suitable for your needs.In order to determine the style and size that is best for you, it is best to measure it.

Choose the color of sexy underwear

When choosing the color of sexy underwear, choose the color and color that suits you as much as possible.If you are dark, dark and dark underwear will be your first choice.For people with white skin, it is more suitable for choosing bright colors, red, blue and other colors.

Buy a place where sexual love underwear

At present, there are not only large shopping malls when buying sexy underwear, but also many online malls and specialty stores.With online shopping, you can easily find the products you want to facilitate comparison and quality.And if you are shy or worried about being discovered, then you can go directly to the sex shop to buy.

How to maintain sexy underwear

Maintaining sexy underwear is very important. This can not only extend the life of the sexy underwear, but also maintain the beauty of sexy underwear.First of all, separate the sexy underwear from other clothes, and use warm water and flexible detergent gently.Then, twist it gently and place it in a ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight.

Setable occasions wear sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear has become a fashion trend, in some occasions, sexy underwear is still not suitable for clothing.If you want to wear fun underwear in the depositors or formal activities, this is likely to be ridiculed.Therefore, before participating in these formal activities, choosing formal clothing is more secure.In private occasions, such as dating, wedding, honeymoon travel, wearing sex underwear will be very suitable.

Different brands of sexy underwear style

在市场上,有很多品牌的情趣内衣,如美国Victoria’s Secret,日本的Rabbit、Fukuoka、Honey、Unique Tmain和九洲、Sensualle,法国Chantal Thomass、Aubade,意大利La Perla,以及国内的Aimer、莎莎等。By understanding these brand sexy underwear, you can better choose the product that suits you best.

The advantages of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only a fashion trend, it also has many advantages.First, it can enhance your self -confidence and attractiveness.Secondly, the material of sexy underwear is usually soft, making you feel comfortable.Finally, wearing erotic underwear can make your life more interesting and exciting.


Sex underwear makes people feel more confident and exciting in private occasions.However, pay attention to occasions, colors and sizes when selecting sexy underwear.By buying sexy underwear suitable for your body shape and needs, and doing well -maintained, you can enjoy the confidence and fun brought by the sexy underwear.

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