Why did he buy me for me

His gift

One day he gave me a sexy underwear, which surprised me.I couldn’t help asking him, "Why do I wear this kind of clothes?" He just smiled mysteriously without answering my question.I started thinking about some possible reasons and asked him to buy this sexy underwear for me.

To increase interest

I think he may think that our sexual life needs some adjustments and changes.Interest underwear can often bring some freshness to couples, increase interest, and make sexual life more interesting.Maybe he thinks this is a good opportunity for us to experience new things.

To enjoy beauty

There are many unique design and fancy in sex underwear, which can make women more charming visually.Perhaps he hopes to see the beautiful figure after I put on a sexy underwear, which can stimulate his desire and enjoy the sense of satisfaction.

Want to make me more confident

Interest underwear can strengthen women’s self -confidence and pride, making women feel more sexy and charming.Perhaps he thought I needed some self -recognition and appreciation, making me confidently show my beauty and charm.

In order to strengthen the connection with me

The sexual life between us is very important, which can increase our relationship with each other.Perhaps he believes that by giving me this gift, he can express his cherishment and importance to our relationship, and at the same time, it has also strengthened the emotional connection between us.

Express his sexual fantasy

There are many sexy and implied design elements in sexy underwear, which may reflect some of his sexual fantasies.Maybe he wants to see me after wearing a sexy underwear, which can meet his sexual fantasies, requirements and expectations.

Want to stimulate me

For some women who lack motivation and desire, sexy underwear can stimulate their sexual desire and sexual sensitivity, making them easier to reach orgasm.Maybe he thinks I need some incentives and challenges to make our sex life more excited and satisfied.

Purely a gift

Sometimes, sexy underwear is just a gift. It is the way he wants to make me feel special, loved and cared for.Although it has no special purpose and significance, this unexpected gift can make me feel happy and happy.


Everyone’s motivation to give gifts is different, and so is the same.It may be to increase interest, appreciate beauty, strengthen contact, reflect personal sexual fantasy, irritating life, pure gifts, etc.Even if we don’t know what his real motivation is, accepting his gifts can cherish and receive attention.Communication and communication with our partners can help us better understand each other’s needs and desires, and better enjoy love and sex.

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