The president goes to buy fun underwear novels

Search Journey Start

One day, a president came to the sex underwear shop. He paid special attention to quality and unique design because he wanted to surprise his girlfriend.So he started his search journey.

Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear Style

First of all, the president asked the clerk’s style of sexy underwear. He learned that there are rich styles such as corset, underwear and conjoined costumes.He wants to find the most suitable girlfriend in these styles.

Features of European and American sexy underwear

Then, the president asked the staff of European and American sexy underwear.The clerk told him that the characteristics of these sexy underwear are unique styles, ultra -fine yarns and elegant design, which can show women’s body curves well.These characteristics make the president more confident to choose to buy sexy underwear.

Adult erotic underwear use

The president went on to find that there were adult sexy underwear in the store, and he wanted to know the use of these underwear.The clerk told him that some adult sexy underwear could be used for role -playing, while others could increase sexual fun.

Conservation of leather sex lingerie

When the president saw leather sex lingerie, he asked how to maintain these underwear.The clerk told him that he should wipe it with a wet cloth to avoid direct sunlight and use professional maintenance products for maintenance.

The symbolic meaning of red color sex lingerie

When the clerk introduced red color and sexy underwear, the president asked the symbolic meaning behind these underwear.The clerk told him that red means sex and passion, which can make women more confident and show their colors and personality.

Suitable for girls with busty girls

The president wants to buy a corset suitable for his girlfriend, but his girlfriend has big breasts, and I don’t know what style should I choose.The clerk told him that it is best to choose a style with adjustable shoulder straps and chest cups to better support the chest.

How to wear thin stockings below 10 degrees

The president saw thin stockings, but didn’t know how to wear it.The clerk told him that in winter, it is best to wear a warm stockings outside the stockings to keep your legs warm.

French sexy underwear characteristics

The president was deeply attracted by a French erotic underwear. He wanted to know what the characteristics of these sexy underwear were.The clerk told him that French sexy underwear usually uses exquisite fabrics and sophisticated tailoring. The design is biased towards lace and transparency, which can show women’s charming and sexy.

Size in sex underwear

The president was worried that his girlfriend would not fit the newly purchased sexy underwear, so she asked the size problem.The clerk told him that it is best to determine the body size of his girlfriend in advance and confirm with the clerk when buying.Don’t take it for granted, otherwise it will affect the effect.

in conclusion

After this search journey, the president has even more types and characteristics of unreasonable lingerie.He successfully bought a set of sexy sexy underwear for his girlfriend, and his girlfriend was very happy.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear for girlfriends, in addition to paying attention to quality and design, you should also choose according to your girlfriend’s physical conditions and her own needs.

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