The county that makes sexy underwear nationwide

The county that makes sexy underwear nationwide

With the continuous development of society, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular in modern society.Everyone pays great attention to brand and quality when choosing sexy underwear, and the production place of sexy underwear has also become a aspect of consumer attention.Here are some counties that make sexy underwear nationwide.

1. Guangdong Nanhai

Guangdong South China Sea is one of the famous sexy underwear production bases in the country, and has a mature industrial market and production technology.Nanhai’s sexy underwear is favored by domestic and foreign customers with novel design and quality.

2. Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China

Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China is one of the world’s largest textile distribution centers, and is also my country’s main interesting underwear production place.Tongxiang’s sexy underwear has a variety of varieties, and the quality is guaranteed.

3. Yichun, Heilongjiang

Yichun, Heilongjiang, was originally known for its production safety protection clothing. With the development of the economy, Yichun became one of the famous sexy underwear production bases in China.Yichun’s sexy underwear is mainly sexy and comfortable, suitable for Asian women to wear.

4. Gansu Dingxi

Gansu Dingxi is one of the famous cotton textile processing and production bases in my country, and it is also an important county for sexy underwear in the country.Dingxi sexy underwear is known for its characteristic culture and style, and enjoys a high reputation in the domestic and foreign sexy underwear market.

5. Mianyang, Sichuan

Mianyang, Sichuan, has a good manufacturing environment and high -quality talents. Its fun underwear design is fashionable. It is mainly European and American style. The quality is high, and it is popular all over the world.

6. Jiangsu Xuzhou

Xuzhou, Jiangsu is one of the famous national textile production and processing centers, and has undertaken many market orders in Beishangguang and other markets.Xuzhou’s sexy underwear is characterized by diverse styles, suitable for consumers with different needs.

7. Taiwan Yilan

Taiwan Yilan is one of the world’s well -known erotic underwear production bases. Its sexy underwear is mostly based on the theme of flowers, fruits, etc., and is known as the Eastern sex underwear kingdom.Not only is the design inspiration, unique style, but also high quality.

8. Shangqiu, Henan

As one of the important textile distribution sites in the country, Henan Shangqiu is also one of the important bases of sexy underwear production.Shangqiu’s sexy underwear is based on innovation and ingenuity, creating a unique style, and is called "taste erotic underwear" by industry insiders.

9. Hebei Bazhou

Hebei Bazhou is a textile industry in cotton spinning, knitted, and clothing. It is also an important sexy underwear production base in the country.The Chaozhou sexy underwear is characterized by high quality, high design, high comfort, and is favored by consumers at home and abroad.

10. Fujian Dihua

Fujian Dihua is known as the "Ancient Road of the Ming and Qing Dynasties" and is one of the world’s largest sexy underwear production bases.Its sexy underwear is mainly based on flowers, birds, characters, and landscape patterns, and has both Chinese and Western styles. It is favored by consumers such as Europe and the United States and other countries and regions.

Finally, if you want to buy high -quality sexy underwear, in addition to understanding the production base of love underwear, you must also pay more attention to the brand, quality and design factors.I believe that after careful selection, you will be able to buy your favorite erotic underwear to show your charming charm.

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