The crazy courier brother of the sexy underwear shop

Crazy express brother’s story

The crazy courier brother of the sexy underwear shop is a legendary character.Not only does he deliver quickly, but he often brings some surprises to customers.Let’s explore his story together.

How to become Crazy Express Brother

Crazy express brother said that he entered the sex underwear industry under a chance.He used to be an employee of a courier company, and later joined a sexy underwear shop as a distributor. Due to his efforts and honesty, he quickly became a crazy courier brother in the store.

Express brother’s special service

His courier service is not normal delivery, and he will add some careful thinking to the customer at the time of delivery.For example, he will send a small greeting card, or put some small gifts or chocolate in the package.All of this is because of his enthusiasm and care for customers.

Experience of the courier brother

Crazy express brother said that he has always adhered to the attitude of "treating customers as friends", which made him a unique figure in the store.He knows that the reputation and reputation of the merchant can achieve long -term development by the support of customers.

Express brother’s industry knowledge

Crazy express brother is not a simple courier, he also knows a lot of knowledge about sexy underwear.He knows which type of underwear is suitable for people with different bodies and needs to understand materials, fabrics, styles and functions.When the customer has any questions, he gives professional suggestions and explanations.

Express brother’s life philosophy of life

He believes that life is short. To do what he likes, you have to do your heart and others, and work with a happy mood to work and live in order to live happier every day.

Express brother’s fashion taste

Crazy courier brothers often get involved in fashion trend while working.He knows how to match clothing and understand all kinds of fashion trends and trends, which has made him a "underwear fashion expert" in the store.

Express brother’s management concept

He hopes that everyone in the store can be as positive and enthusiastic as him.He believes that only the happiness and satisfaction of employees can bring a better shopping experience to customers.He also encouraged other employees to pay attention to the needs and problems of customers like him and give professional suggestions.

Courier’s speech

Crazy Express Brother said, "This is a very good shop, and it is also a great job. I am grateful to the care and attention that the owner and colleagues gave me, so that I have the opportunity to become such a meaningful professional. No matter where you are, doing your own thing and being good for others are the most important. "

Express brother’s work attitude

In the end, the spirit of Crazy Express also inspired everyone of us.His courier service and work attitude must be sincere to teach us to be responsible for our work and treat customers.He allowed customers to feel sincere and warm in shopping, and also showed us a quality that should be possessed as professionals.


The crazy courier brother of the sexy underwear store is not only a professional courier, but also a professional, hard -working and honest professional.He not only delivered the goods with courier, but also brought unlimited happiness and emotions to customers and colleagues with his enthusiasm and professionalism.If everyone has a working attitude and service spirit like him, then our society will definitely become better.

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