The office wears a fun underwear to open the file

The office wears a fun underwear to open the file

With the rapid development of modern society, sexy underwear is no longer just regarded as a private and teasing clothing, and they gradually become more fashionable and popular.Wearing erotic underwear has also begun to become a popular trend.However, wearing sexy underwear to the office or public place is still a issue full of controversial and adverse effects.This article will explore the appropriateness of wearing a sexy underwear in the office and provide some feasible solutions.

1. Regarding the opening of the sexy underwear

The opening of the sexy underwear refers to a sexy and teasing underwear. The opening is set in the key parts to facilitate sexual life.This underwear design is often welcomed by many people, but is it appropriate to wear them in the workplace?

2. Wear the negative effects of sexy underwear

If you decide to go to work in a sexy underwear, check whether your company’s dressing regulations will be prohibited.Some people think that this will break the professional image and etiquette, affecting their reputation and professional image in the workplace.

3. How to wear sexy underwear to open files in the workplace

There are many postures wearing a sexy underwear, but improving its way of dressing may make people feel more comfortable and safer.If you insist on wanting to wear, wearing a suitable inside under your coat, such as very comfortable underwear such as perspective lace.Also pay attention not to choose underwear that is too open and exposed to avoid embarrassment and negative effects.

4. Funny underwear style suitable for the workplace

Choosing a style that does not attract too much attention is a good idea.It must be comfortable and sporty, and it is easy to coordinate the overall color of the clothes.The suitable style is usually simple and generous, without too many highlights.

5. Color selection

It is not recommended to choose too exaggerated or dazzling colors, because it will make people negatively evaluate your appearance.Therefore, some people choose the sexy underwear of light mature women such as pink or lace, and choose bright color underwear, and also make appropriate choices based on the occasion and personal characteristics.

6. When did you start to wear sexy underwear?

Whether you are hiding the sexy underwear in the bag when you are in the office, you choose to change the clothes room, and you need a suitable time and place to wear sexy underwear.The time wearing in the workplace should be maintained outside the working hours, and experience the sexy enjoyment of sexy underwear during the opportunity and suitable time.

7. Choose a style that suits you and the working environment

Although the style of sexy underwear has also begun to become popular, wearing in the office still needs to be considered carefully.You can choose appropriate sexy lingerie styles based on your body and occupational attributes, not blindly follow the trend and imitate.

8. Summary

Putting on a sexy underwear to the office can indeed make you feel confident and sexy, but only when you notice the environment, occasions, and the company’s regulations, it is the cultural values you want to tell.

Viewpoint: If you want to wear a sexy underwear in the workplace, you must first understand your company’s provisions and cultural values in the decoration specifications, and make many careful considerations in terms of comfort, suitable style, and harmony of the occasion.The image of preference and work.

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