The belt is tied up to wear a sexy jacket


As a kind of adult supplies that can add sexual fun between husband and wife, sexy underwear has gradually been accepted and loved by people.However, how to choose and wear sexy underwear is still a question that many people are confused.This article will introduce a method of tie the belt to wear sexy underwear, hoping to bring some inspiration to readers.


First of all, prepare interesting underwear and belt.For sexy underwear, you can choose different styles and materials according to personal preference, such as lace, net eye and silk.For the belt, it is recommended to choose a belt with good texture and appropriate length to avoid affecting wearable comfort.

Tie method one: waist binding method

First wear the sexy underwear, then put the belt from the top of the shoulder straps on both sides of the underwear, and then cross the belt back and forth to the waist, and adjust to a comfortable position.This kind of bonding can highlight the chest and waist curve, which is very suitable for women with relatively well -proportioned figures.

Tied method 2: chest binding method

After wearing the sexy underwear, put the belt through the middle part of the underwear in the middle of the underwear, wrap the two sides of the belt into the chest, and tie them on the shoulder straps on both sides.This tie can highlight the chest lines and enhance sexy charm.But pay attention to the mastery of the belt tightness, don’t be too tight or too loose.

Tied method three: neck binding method

Pass the belt from the top of the shoulder strap on both sides of the underwear and cross it to the neck.This tie can highlight the neck curve and has a sexy and charming effect.But be careful not to be too tight when wearing, so as not to affect breathing and comfort.

Tie method four: arms binding method

Stretch the belt from the back of the underwear to both sides, then bypass the arm, and finally tie it to the center of the front of the underwear.This binding method can highlight the arm curve and enhance sexy charm.However, it should be noted that the tightness cannot be too tight, so as not to affect blood circulation and exercise freedom.

Tied method 5: Leg bunning method

Pass the belt through the bottom of the underwear, walk around the inside of the thigh, and tied to the center of the front of the underwear.This kind of tie can highlight the leg curve and has a sexy and charming effect.However, pay attention to the control of the belt looseness, and do not affect the freedom and comfort.

Tied method 6: hip binding method

Tour the belt from the bottom of the underwear back, and then tie it around the center of the front of the waist.This kind of binding method can highlight the hip curve and make the hips more plump and charming, but pay attention to the tightness of the belt looseness, do not be too tight or loose.

Binding method summary

When choosing a method, choose and adjust according to your personal figure and wearable habits.Pay attention to the choice of belt and the control of looseness to ensure comfort and security.In addition, pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the underwear to extend the service life.

The role of underwear

The change of the underwear through the change of the binding method, but the underwear itself also plays a very important role.Interest underwear can not only allow people to experience different feelings, but also play a certain role of body shaping, help to modify body defects, and improve self -confidence and charm.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear is a very interesting experience that can enhance the taste and quality of life between husband and wife.Putting up and wearing sex underwear through the belt can more highlight the figure curve, and can also experience different wearable methods and sexy charm.I hope that this article can help readers and let everyone better enjoy the fun of sexy underwear.

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