The embarrassing experience brought by sexy underwear

The first embarrassment

I remember the first time I went to buy sexy underwear. At that time, I was still a young girl. I didn’t know about these things, so I went directly to the store, found a salesperson, and asked what good -looking sexy underwear.

Salesman’s embarrassment

When I asked the salesperson, I realized that she was very embarrassed.She didn’t seem to know how to answer my questions. She started to speak stuttering, and even the ordinary vocabulary such as "bra" was embarrassed to say.


When I saw a variety of sexy underwear, I started to choose the size.But it turns out that choosing the right size is a very difficult thing.The sexy underwear I chose may be too tight or too loose.I put on those sexy underwear are not as sexy as the model, but became embarrassing.


It feels like a completely different experience when wearing sexy underwear. This is the first time I wear such clothes.I soon discovered that wearing erotic underwear is not as easy as expected.There are many erotic underwear at the end of which are decorated with lace lace, which often stimulates the skin and feels very uncomfortable.

Privacy issue

Many people may feel embarrassed and uncomfortable because they may worry about others knowing that they are wearing sexy underwear.This is another embarrassment.They may feel difficult to wear such clothes or to meet friends or family members in public.

High price

The price of sexy underwear is often much higher than ordinary underwear.Because they may use more advanced materials and more complicated designs, prices have risen.Because the price is too high, many people may hesitate to buy sexy underwear.

Washing is difficult

Sexy underwear often uses special materials and design. They need to be cleaned in specific ways, otherwise it will be easily damaged.This is why some people feel embarrassed again, they don’t know how to clean them.

Self -confidence

It is very different in sexy underwear and ordinary underwear.Wearing sexy underwear will expose more skin, which means more confidence.If you are not confident in your body, you will be more embarrassing to wear sexy underwear.

Appropriate occasion

Interest underwear is not suitable for all occasions.For example, wearing sexy underwear in the office or church can cause great discomfort.Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable occasion to wear sexy underwear.

I feel unhygienic

Some people think that the sexy underwear is not hygienic and does not want to wear it.This is usually because they think that sexy underwear is related to sexual behavior.In fact, it can ensure the sanitation of sexy underwear through the correct cleaning method.


In general, although sexy underwear can enhance your self -confidence and attractiveness, it is unavoidable to cause embarrassing problems.However, as long as we choose the right occasion to wear and have enough understanding of the size, quality and cleaning of sexy underwear, we can avoid some embarrassing experiences.

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