Tender model cheongsam sex underwear beauty pictures

What is cheongsam sexy underwear?

Cheongsam erotic underwear is a sexy underwear style. Based on the design of traditional Chinese cheongsam, it adds sexy and stunning elements to give people a visual effect full of mystery and temptation.

What is the tender model?

The tender model is young and beautiful, well -figure, outstanding temperament, and has a model identity. As the representative figures of the sex products industry, they show the beauty and sexy of various sexy underwear to ordinary women.

What are suitable for cheongsam erotic underwear?

If you are looking for a very personal and classic lingerie and want to experience the simplicity of Chinese culture, or you want to expose sexy, want to show your beautiful figure and gorgeous lines, then cheongsam sexy underwear will be you will be youGood choice.

What are the design characteristics of cheongsam sex lingerie?

The main feature of cheongsam sex lingerie is its unique design, with skin -like texture. Most of the fabrics are thin, light and soft materials. The design pays more attention to the smoothness of the lines and the sexy curve.To different gorgeous and sexy.

Cheongsam erotic underwear options

The choice of cheongsam erotic underwear needs to be paid attention to the following aspects: 1. Choose the right size to ensure comfortable dressing; 2. Select high -quality fabrics, good skin -friendly and comfortable; 3. Select the right color and style; 4. 4. 4.Pay attention to details, such as skirts, buttons, lotus leaf edges, etc.

How to match the clothing of cheongsam sex underwear?

When matching cheongsam erotic underwear, you need to pay attention to the costumes of outer clothing. You must also conform to the classic and elegant and gorgeous temperament. You can choose fur, Chinese robe, long down jacket, etc. This can create a gorgeous and elegant feeling.

The unique charm of tender model wearing cheongsam sex lingerie

The tender model wears cheongsams’ sexy underwear is not only to show the beauty of the underwear, but also a manifestation of women’s confidence, elegance and charm. The charming temperament and sexy emitted on them are enough to make people remember.

Cheongsam sex underwear dressing skills

The dressing skills of cheongsam erotic underwear should not be too exposed, maintain a good limb proportion, match sexy high heels and stockings, and in the design of deep V and back shoulders on the front, you need to pay attention to the proportion of your body.

Maintenance method of cheongsam sex underwear

1. Cheongsam erotic underwear should not be washed with other dark clothes to prevent dyeing; 2. It is recommended to use a hand washing method and do not use a dryer to avoid damaging the material;To avoid affecting the color and texture; 4. Pay attention to the drying place to avoid sunlight.

What are the different styles of cheongsam sexy underwear?

1. Flat cheongsam: Suitable for women with relatively flat breasts.2. Round -neck cheongsam: Suitable for women with long neck and full chest.3. Small split cheongsam: Suitable for women with slim and slender legs.4. High -opening cheongsam: Suitable for women with beautiful body and slender legs.


Cheongsam erotic underwear has a unique design and seductive charm. It is an important choice to show women’s graceful and confident charm.Choose the style and size that suits you, and pay attention to maintenance and matching, which can not only enhance your charm, but also show the traditional Chinese culture.

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