Xiao Yan’s online shopping sexy underwear

Xiao Yan’s online shopping sexy underwear

Xiao Yan has not updated the sexy underwear for a while, so she decided to buy some new sexy underwear online to enhance her sexy.In her search, she learned some common information and suggestions, which can help her find a sexy underwear that suits her.

Find a size suitable for your body

H2: Determine the size

First of all, Xiao Yan needs to know her body size, which is the most important step for her to buy sexy underwear.If the erotic underwear is too tight, the lines on your body will become unsightly, and if it is too loose, it will not achieve the sexy effect.Xiao Yan measured her bust, waist and hips, and then refer to the size of the sex underwear to select the appropriate size.

Choose different styles of underwear

H2: The choice of different styles

When Xiao Yan browsed the pages of different erotic underwear, she found a variety of different styles.Some are full cups, some are one -third of cups, some are free of trace, while others have various strange accessories and patterns.She was attracted by all gorgeous styles, but she knew that she should be beautiful before buying. She must not only consider the beautiful appearance of the underwear, but also pay attention to quality and practicality.

Buy different types of sexy underwear

H2: Different types of choices

In addition to different styles, Xiao Yan also saw different types of sexy underwear.Some sexy underwear is just a simple sexy style, while others are used for lingering love.She needs to check the description of each sexy underwear carefully, understand its characteristics, and then determine whether it is suitable for herself.

Understand underwear fabric

H2: Fabric understanding

After understanding the size, style, and types, Xiao Yan needs to understand the fabrics of the love lingerie.Pearl, lace, silk and cotton fabrics are suitable for different occasions and different feelings.Xiao Yan needs to consider his taste and needs, and then make the final choice.

Comparing different brands of underwear

H2: Comparison of different brands

Xiao Yan found that there are many different sexy underwear brands on the market, which makes her choice more difficult.Each brand has her own characteristics and advantages. She needs to judge which brands are more suitable for their tastes and needs.

See comments and scores

H2: The role of reviews and scores

When choosing a brand, Xiao Yan discovered the importance of comments and scores.These comments and scores come from real users, which can provide useful information to help her make the best choice.

Choose the color that suits you

H2: Selection of Color

In addition to considering styles, brands and fabrics, color is also important.Sometimes the choice of color can increase the entire efforts to create a sexy and romantic atmosphere.Xiao Yan needs to pay attention to the degree of harmony between coloring and his skin tone, and his own personality, need and joy, and choose the color that suits you best.

Finally make a choice

H2: The final choice

Through a series of comparative evaluations, Xiao Yan finally made his own choice.Because she focused on quality and effect, she chose some of the sexy underwear of some well -known brands, and also bought some new styles she had never tried.She is convinced that these interesting underwear will make her more charming.

in conclusion

H2: Conclusion

When choosing sexy underwear, Xiao Yan needs to consider size, style, type, quality, fabric, brand, review, score, color, etc.Through careful evaluation of these aspects, she finally chose a sexy underwear that suits her, adding her sexy atmosphere.

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