Xiamei Sauce Instead Hemisphere

Xiamei Sauce Instead Hemisphere


As a well -known Coser, Xia Meijiu has attracted widespread attention.Her erotic underwear is mainly based on the design of the open -football, making people shine, and I don’t know how to choose his sexy underwear.This article will introduce the sexy underwear that Xia Meijiu often wear, helping the majority of sexy underwear enthusiasts to better choose their favorite style.

Sexy lace sexy underwear

Xia Meijiu’s most commonly worn erotic underwear is sexy lace style.This erotic underwear uses high -quality lace fabrics, while ensuring comfort, it is both sexy and charm.It perfectly combines the soft and sexy side of lace, so that the wearer can be enjoyed in both visual and touch.

Half cup of swimsuit sheet

In addition to the common lace styles, Xia Meijiu also likes to wear half a cup of swimwear underwear.This sexy underwear uses high -quality swimsuit fabrics, which feels soft and comfortable. While ensuring sexy, it also has the characteristics of waterproof and breathable.It can often use color purple, pink and other colors, which is more suitable for making the body more sexy and beautiful.

Pure cotton breathable underwear

Although some sexy underwear looks more sexy, it is not suitable for long -term wear.In this case, Xia Mei sauce will choose cotton -breathable underwear.This sexy underwear uses 100%cotton fabric, which is soft and comfortable in texture, and its breathability is very good, allowing the body to breathe freely.Xia Meijiu likes to treat it as daily underwear to reduce the pressure of private parts.

Half cup of underwear with high waist pants

Xia Meijiu often puts on the underwear of the open hemisphere with high waist underwear.This combination can play a role in modifying the body and the increase in proportion. It will not be too exaggerated whether it is short skirts or shorts, and the beauty and sexy you wear are more confident.

Tulle underwear

Xia Mei also likes to wear some transparent tulle underwear.These underwear uses slender cotton yarn and lace fabrics, which are light and thin, and they are very naked.Wearing this underwear can visually create a soft beauty and mystery.

Bridge underwear

Bridge underwear is another favorite style of Xia Mei sauce.This underwear is most sophisticated in design. In order to highlight the curve of the hemisphere, the two cups are connected to each other, showing a bridge shape, but it does not lose its beauty.Wearing this underwear, people can feel the silk -like touch and the comfort of perfectly and personal.

T -shaped pants sexy underwear

Tuto -pants Interests of Inner Cloths are another favorite design of Xia Mei sauce.This underwear is based on thong, combines a variety of fabrics and design elements, making the entire sexy underwear more creative and personality.Coupled with a unique back waist design, it shaped a modified, sexy and cool temperament.

Tight conjoined jacket

In addition to the conventional sexy underwear, Xia Meijiu also likes some special styles, such as tight -fitting lingerie.This underwear can be well covered and shaped to the body, highlighting the lines and curves of the protruding part.And its fabric is also high -quality and comfortable.

Pants of lace

In addition to the rich underwear, Xia Meijiu also likes the lace underwear -type sexy underwear.This underwear is dominated by exquisite lace, using comfortable and soft fabrics, so that the wearer has a more comfortable feeling at the same time.


Choosing sexy underwear mainly considers the curve and personalized needs of your body.Most of the sexy underwear of Xia Mei sauce is mainly based on the designs of the exposed hemisphere. On the basis of ensuring comfortable texture, it takes into account sexy and personalized elements.I hope our recommendations can be helpful to your sexual underwear.

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