Wuhan comes with fun underwear hotel

Background introduction

As sexual concepts are becoming more open, the sexual products market is becoming more and more popular.In Wuhan, a hotel with a fun underwear is even more popular.

hotel introduction

This hotel is located in Jianghan District, Wuhan. There are 40 rooms. Each room is equipped with props such as sexy underwear and massage sticks to allow guests to experience unusual happiness during accommodation.

Room type

The hotel offers a variety of types of rooms, including luxury double beds, sex -themed rooms, special suite, etc. The price ranges from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan, which can be selected according to the needs of guests.

Sex underwear category

This hotel offers a variety of sexy underwear, with diverse styles and suitable for women of different ages and body types.This includes sexy underwear, lace underwear, stockings, etc.


In addition to sexy underwear, the hotel also offers a variety of different types of props, such as massage sticks, handcuffs, whips, mouthballs, etc., which can meet guests’ needs and desire for different props.

Service Introduction

In this hotel, guests can enjoy private services, including candlelight, massage, steam baths, etc., and relax.

Instructions for check -in

In order to ensure the privacy and safety of guests, this hotel has some check -in notes.For example, you need to be an identity document and do not provide catering services during the check -in.

Guest feedback

Many guests praised the hotel and said they would stay again.They believe that the hotel provides very private services, allowing them to relax and experience unusual happiness while relaxing.

market expectation

With the continuous openness of social concepts, the market for sex products can be said to be unlimited.The hotel industry can also develop in the momentum to add sex elements to the service to attract more young people and couples to stay in.

Security Question

However, in the process of providing sexual services, the security issues of guests should also get enough attention and attention.Especially when using some props, corresponding guidance and guarantee measures should be provided to prevent guests from being harmed in use.

In summary, the sexy underwear hotel is a wide range of development prospects. It provides guests with private services and allows guests to experience unusual happiness while enjoying relaxation.

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