Sexual underwear beaded tutorial diagram video

Sexual underwear beaded tutorial diagram video


First of all, we need to prepare tools and materials, including beads, needles, scissors, etc.In addition, you need to choose the appropriate sexy underwear according to your needs, such as sexy underwear, adult underwear, etc.

Choose beads

When choosing beads, you can choose beads of different shapes and colors according to your preferences, such as water droplets, circles, star shapes, etc., but pay attention to the size of the beads should be suitable for the style of sexy underwear.

Design pattern

After choosing beads, you can design the arrangement of beads according to your preferences and the style of sexy underwear, such as heart shape, flowers, patterns, etc.

Fixed line head

Before beading, you need to fix the header.Pass the line head through a fixed point on the sex lingerie, such as lace or lace, and then knot the head head to ensure that the beads will not fall off.


Starting from the head of the line, the beads pass through the header, arranged in the design pattern and order.

Fixed beads

After completing a bead skewers, you need to pass through a fixed point on the sex underwear and knotted the bead to avoid loosening the beads.

Continue beaded

After fixing the beads, continue to be beaded in accordance with the designed patterns and order until the entire pattern is completed.

Trimming head

After completing the beads, you need to prunites the head head, and at the same time, check whether each bead is fixed to ensure the beauty and comfort of the entire sexy underwear.

Video learning

In order to better learn sexy underwear beading skills, we can also view relevant video tutorials on major video websites to learn and practice in -depth.


Through the above steps, we can easily DIY sexy underwear beads at home to create a more sexy and exquisite atmosphere.I hope that on this basis, everyone can use their imagination and creativity to create a more individual sexy underwear for themselves.

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