Women’s sexy lingerie box diagram

brand introduction

In the market, women’s sexy lingerie brands are full of dazzling, but the quality and design excellence are more uneven.We have selected several brands that have a better brand reputation and easy to buy, such as EVAN, Yishu, Adel and other brands for unpacking experience.These brands have been recognized by users in terms of quality, design, price and after -sales service.

product type

Women’s erotic underwear contains a variety of products, including suspenders, pajamas, thin short -sleeved suits, sexual socks, flirting skirts, hanging socks suits, etc.There are different styles, fabrics and designs in each type, and the applicable scenarios are different.You can choose according to personal preferences and needs.


This time we selected Ms. Evan’s sexy underwear products to distribute very fast. After getting the package, I found that the product packaging is exquisite. After opening, the underwear is neat and flawless, and all parts are very delicate.

Fabric classification

Women’s sexy lingerie fabrics are mainly divided into cotton, silk, lace, silk and pearls.Among them, cotton is good and soft, and the texture is soft, which is the best choice wearing daily; silk and patterns are more suitable for people who pursue noble and high -level sense.Laces and beads have a certain sexy temperament, which is suitable for wearing scenes such as erotic wild KISS.

size selection

The size of the lady’s sexy underwear is different from conventional underwear.Each underwear will be slightly different according to its design, use and fabric.Therefore, according to your height, weight, chest, waist, buttocks and other data, and carefully compare the size table, you can find the size that suits you best.If you are not sure, you can consult customer service or judge through trial.


Women’s sexy underwear is different from conventional underwear. It pays more attention to the presence of shape and emotion, not functional coverage.Therefore, you must be careful when choosing, and select the style and fabrics that are most suitable for you according to your body and temperament.Only by wearing your own style and spirit can you enjoy the current love in the best state.

Washing and maintenance

Washing and maintenance of women’s sex lingerie also needs to be treated differently.For the sexy underwear made of lace or silk, it is recommended to use hand washing methods. After warm water cleaning, it can be dried naturally after cleaning; and for cotton, close -fitting underwear, etc., you can handle it by machine.And too intense machine washing program.


When buying women’s sexy underwear, pay attention to factors such as quality, price and after -sales service to ensure that their interests are guaranteed.It is recommended to buy products that are regular channels to avoid some cheap niche brands or products recommended on the live broadcast platform.

Price range

Women’s sexy underwear is a high -end product with a higher price.Depending on factors such as different fabrics and styles, the price is also different.According to our experience and survey, in general, the price of women’s sexy underwear is between 100-500 yuan. The specific price needs to be different according to the different brands, different fabrics and different sellers.

Conclusion and perspective

Women’s sexy underwear has certain decoration and beautification effects when treating sex and sex, and at the same time can enhance her self -confidence and charm.When choosing, personalized matching and dressing for yourself and partners, we must pay attention to the coordination of quality and style, comfort and good dressing effect.Although the price is more expensive, the same requirements are required to achieve higher value conversion in terms of pre -sales and after -sales service.

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