Women wearing fun underwear and then do what to do

Put on sex underwear to show self -confidence

Among the many fashion items, why do women choose sexy underwear?In fact, in addition to improving sexuality, wearing sexy underwear can also increase women’s self -confidence.So, how to show self -confidence while wearing sexy underwear, making people more impressed with your charm?

Understand your body characteristics, choose a sexy underwear that suits you

The first step in wearing a sex lingerie is to know your body characteristics.Different body types need to wear different underwear to highlight the advantages and cover the disadvantages.For example, lean tall is not a body that every girl has. Therefore, if it is this body, you can choose some short -style sexy underwear to highlight the waist lines.On the contrary, if the figure is full, you can choose some lace or transparent styles to cover up some shortcomings.In short, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can truly show your charm.

Learn how to match sexy jelly

Since you want to wear sexy underwear, you must learn how to match it.You can choose high -waist underwear with low -neck sexy lingerie, or choose transparent decorative bellybands with translucent underwear.This will make women wearing sexy underwear more attractive.But when you match, you need to pay special attention not to expose yourself too much, which will be impressed.

Different occasions need different sexy underwear

In different occasions, choosing different sexy underwear is also needed.If you are at home or a private occasion with only two people, you can try to choose a more personal sexy underwear; if you are a friend’s party or participating in parties, you can try to choose some bright and complicated stylesunderwear.The matching methods of different occasions are different, mainly based on their own conditions.

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, in addition to choosing a style that suits you, you also need to pay attention to quality and price.The sexual guarantee sexy underwear can not only make you more comfortable, but also make you more convenient and difficult to deform when washing.In terms of price, you can choose the underwear style according to your actual budget, and do not consume too much.

How to take care of sexy underwear

Nursing erotic underwear also requires certain skills.First of all, it is best to wash it by hand, and do not machine, otherwise it is easy to damage underwear.Secondly, do n’t expose it directly when drying. You can choose to dry it in the ventilation place, and do not dry it with other colors of clothes.

The benefits of wearing erotic underwear during living

Wearing erotic underwear is not only worn when dating or sex, but also you can choose to wear it when living.This can facilitate your own time to enter the dating status, but also enhance your sexy temperament.In this way, even when you are alone, you can feel your charm and sexy.

Interest underwear is a way to show sex

Interesting underwear is not only to show her body beauty, but also to show her interest.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, it is best not to pursue beauty too purely, but should choose underwear according to your emotions. If you wear it, you can more implement your interesting style and show your freedom.

How to add your own style to sex underwear

Each woman has her own personality and style, so when choosing a sexy underwear, you also need to add your own style.For example, when you are worn at work, you can choose some low -key sexy underwear; if you want to be more vivid or sexy underwear style, you can choose some fancy or exposed sexy styles.While perfecting the personality style, showing your beauty, this is the most attractive female style!


Wearing sexy underwear is not only to satisfy the beauty in the eyes of others, but also to make women more confident and show their sexy charm.When wearing sexy underwear, you need to understand your physical characteristics and personality types, choose a style that suits you, and add your own style elements.In this way, when you wear it, you can show your true charm!

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