Where can I buy physical doll sexy underwear

Introduction to physical doll sexy underwear

As a brand new sex product, the highly realistic appearance and feel of the physical doll make many couples love many couples.The physical doll sex lingerie is developed to better increase the experience.They are characterized by comfort, closeness, breathable, easy to clean.Specific styles can be divided into girl dolls, live dolls, anime dolls, etc. Each style covers a variety of body characteristics such as body shape, chest shape, waist, etc., allowing users to choose the dolls that are most suitable for themselves and their wives.

Sports doll sexy underwear starting points

If you want to buy physical doll sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Brand: Choose a brand that is good, domestic and foreign brands can, such as toiami, pipedream, etc., their production process is relatively good, and the materials used are more comfortable.

Size: Select the right size and choose according to your own body shape. It is recommended to measure your body and wife’s body data before choosing to buy.

Style: Choose a style that meets their preferences. Some people like fresh and cute dolls, while others like mature and sexy dolls. Choosing the right style is also the key to showing the effect.

Price: The physical doll’s sexy underwear is very durable and can be regarded as a long -term investment to a certain extent.However, the price is still a point that many people pay attention to. It is recommended to choose products with better cost -effective products.

Sports doll sex underwear purchase approach

The physical doll sexy underwear is different from other sex products. Their supply and sales channels are relatively small. The following are common purchases:

E -commerce platforms such as Taobao, JD.com, and Tmall: These platforms have a variety of physical dolls in sexy underwear to choose to buy. The price is relatively cheap, and the quality of goods and after -sales service are guaranteed.The disadvantage is that the official channels are unknown and the risk of fake goods is high.

Sex products specialty store: These stores provide a variety of erotic supplies, including physical doll sexy underwear. The price is slightly higher than the e -commerce platform, but the supply is reliable and the quality is guaranteed.

Brand official purchase: You can choose to buy physical doll sex underwear directly on the official website of the domestic and foreign brands. This can ensure that you buy regular goods and the quality is guaranteed.But the price is relatively high, and after -sales service may need to wait.

The price range of physical doll sex lingerie

The price of physical doll sexy underwear varies from factors such as brands, styles, sizes.

Girl doll: The price is generally between 2000-5000 yuan, which is relatively small, but the popularity is also very high.

Live dolls: The price is relatively high, generally between 5000-12,000 yuan, which is more suitable for people with abundant funds.

Anime dolls: The price is relatively low, generally between 1000-3000 yuan, but the degree of realism is slightly inferior.

How to maintain physical doll sexy underwear

Physical doll erotic underwear is a high -end sex product that requires professional maintenance.


After each use, you must clean it in time. Use professional cleaning solution, soap bubbles with warm water or hot water to clean;

Do not use a washing machine or rotating washing machine to clean it, and do not rinse and clean the rain;

After cleaning, you must dry it to avoid the breeding of the internal mold.


It is recommended to use a special bag for storage when storing;

Try to choose a ventilated and dry place for storage to avoid direct sunlight;

When storing, you can add some powder, corn starch and other powders to keep dry.

Precautions for the use of physical doll sex underwear

There are some details that need to be paid attention to using physical doll erotic underwear.

It is necessary to use the lubricant and moisturizing powder in an appropriate amount to make the interior doll more moist and slippery;

After use, you must pay attention to cleaning, avoid bacterial breeding, and affect the experience of use;

Avoid using too much force when wearing, avoid damage;

Avoid rubbing and moisture with other items, otherwise it will affect the details of clothing, skin, and action feasibility;

In the case of long time, you can use the packaging bag to seal and store it in a ventilated and dry place for storage.

Recommended style of physical doll sex lingerie

According to user needs and word -of -mouth recommendations, the following styles can be considered when choosing a physical doll sexy underwear:

PIP hand -made double ponytail fox maid (CUTE): As anime model, it is very realistic and suitable for pink control or two -dimensional enthusiasts.

Anjou’s 3rd generation Dobi: The realistic is first -rate, which is also comfortable to use, but the price is slightly higher.

Japan’s NPG physical adult doll: Absolutely high -end doll, with long shelf life and high sense of realism.

Point of view

Physical doll erotic underwear is a high -end, highly realistic sex product. You need to pay attention to some details.Pay attention to the brand, size, style and price factors when buying.E -commerce platforms such as Taobao and JD.com, as well as sexual store specialty stores, official purchases of brand, and other channels for purchases.In terms of maintenance, we need to pay attention to problems such as cleaning and storage to avoid the breeding of bacteria and deterioration.It is recommended to choose a style that suits you to buy. According to the user’s word -of -mouth, you can consider the PIP hand -made double ponytail fox maid costume, Anjou 3rd generation Dobi baby, the Japanese NPG physical adult doll and other styles.In general, physical doll erotic underwear is a sexual product suitable for long -term investment. It can make the close relationship between husband and wife more harmonious, increase fun and excitement.

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