When a 12 -year -old child goes to buy a sexy underwear

Background introduction

With the openness of society and the popularity of the Internet, interesting underwear is no longer a topic of people’s mouth, and it has even become a fashion trend.However, the sexy underwear market of minors has not yet been regulated and regulated, which has brought certain risks to the purchase of sexy underwear for those young children.


In the era of this big explosion, 12 -year -old children can easily search the word sex underwear, and then generate the idea of buying.However, for such a group of young children, they do not have enough mentality and cognition to understand the design and use of sexy underwear, which requires parents and regulatory authorities to take responsibility for supervision and guidance.

Parent education

In this society, responsibilities cannot be shown.Parents’ responsibility is not limited to their academic performance and physical health, but also includes all aspects of family education, and sexy underwear choices are also among them.Parents should guide their children to establish correct sexual concepts and cognition and correct use of sexy underwear.

Sales control

As a seller, sexy underwear merchants have the responsibility to do the control of minors.The people who buy sexy underwear can be restricted, strictly implement the real -name system, ensure that the sales staff have effective reminders and assistance to minors to avoid adverse effects on minors.

Strengthen supervision

Supervision is meaningful to both sellers and consumers.The government should conduct more stricter supervision of the sexy underwear market, strengthen the review and supervision of salesmen, ensure that sellers can comply with laws and regulations and professional ethics, and protect the healthy growth of minors.


Although sexy underwear is a "interesting" product, it is different from the use of some traditional props to use it, and it has a wider range of use.Sales should popularize the correct usage and usage methods for its use occasions to avoid some misunderstandings.


Like other products, there are some criminal scams in sexy underwear.Both parents and children need to learn how to resist fraud, so as not to spend money or buy fakes.

Scientific knowledge

The sexy underwear market of minors has not been regulated and regulated. Therefore, children and parents need to understand the types and design of love underwear, as well as their usage methods.In the sexy underwear market for minors, the popular science of sex underwear can be strengthened to help them understand such products.

Select the age group

Children of different ages have different understanding and understanding of sexy underwear. When selling sexy underwear, the seller needs to recommend different types of sexy underwear according to different ages to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and negative effects.

personal opinion

In the current situation where the sexy underwear market is becoming more and more mature, the sexy underwear market of minors also needs to be more comprehensive and regulated.Parents, sellers, government and other parties should work together to provide a safer purchase environment and guarantee for the healthy growth of minors.

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