What will happen if I wear sexy underwear too many times

Does it really affect physical health too many times?

Many people do not know much about the material and fabrics of sexy underwear, so they will worry that wearing too many times will it cause adverse effects on physical health.So, will sex underwear affect physical health too many times?Let’s analyze it in detail below.

Is it suitable for repeated materials?

First, we need to know the material and fabric of sexy underwear.Most erotic underwear usually uses elastic fibers and lace materials. These materials have good breathability and comfort, and have also undergone strict production testing and testing.

Therefore, if the sexy underwear you buy is formally produced and quality testing, then wearing many times will not have any impact on your physical health.However, if the quality of the sexy underwear you buy is poor, it may stimulate and allergic reactions to your skin, and even cause damage to your health.

The first few times is very important

Even if you buy the quality of the material and fabrics you buy, the quality of the previous several times has a great impact on your physical health.At this time, the fabrics and materials of the sexy underwear have not fully adapted to your body, which may cause a certain degree of abrasion and discomfort to your skin.

Therefore, it is best to rinse the erotic underwear with water and fully dry it before wearing it for the first time, which can effectively reduce the stimulation of the fabric to the skin.In addition, when you wear it for the first time, it is best not to wear it for too long, and you can change it every few hours.

Reasons for changing sexy underwear regularly

It is very necessary to replace the sexy underwear regularly, especially for people who often perform severe exercise and sweat.Because the long time of sexy lingerie can cause bacteria and sweat to accumulate on the fabric, affecting the comfort and sanitation of wearables.

Therefore, it is generally recommended that the use of sexy underwear should not exceed 1 to 2 years.For sexy underwear you wear everyday, it is recommended to replace every 3 to 6 months. For people who often perform severe exercise, the replacement cycle should be shorter.

How to clean and maintain sexy underwear?

The cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear is also an important factor in maintaining its comfort and hygiene.First of all, the sexy underwear should be washed separately with other clothes to avoid mixed use.Secondly, when cleaning and maintenance, follow the instructions of the sexy lingerie label, and do not use too irritating detergents and bleaching water.

It is best to choose a neutral washing solution, wash it with warm water hands, and avoid rubbing hard to avoid damaging elasticity and easy deformation fabrics.After washing, dry the sexy underwear and dry it, and avoid directly exposed to high temperature.

When is the abandonment of sexy underwear?

The service life of sexy underwear and improper cleaning and maintenance have a lot to do.If your sexy underwear has obvious wear, deformation, stains, color differences, or insufficient tightness, it is likely that it is time to abandon.

At this time, do not tolerate the use of improper sexy underwear in order to save money, because this may hurt your health.Before abandoning, it is best to disinfect or completely destroy the sexy underwear.

The new sexy underwear you can pay

It is very worth buying some sexy underwear with health functions.These sexy underwear generally uses more advanced fabrics, texture and textile technologies, with good breathability, antibacterial and mosquito -resistant bite function.

Although the price of these sexy underwear is relatively high, it can be described as worth it.Therefore, you should buy some more comfortable, hygienic and healthy sexy underwear within the scope of economic capabilities.

Keep good hygiene habits

Maintaining good hygiene habits is also an important factor in ensuring physical health.In addition to wearing a sexy underwear that is suitable for you, you also need to pay attention to the cleaning and moisturizing of the skin to avoid problems such as humid environment and accumulation for a long time.

In addition, pay attention to the sanitary maintenance of sexy underwear, replace and clean regularly.Only on the basis of maintaining good hygiene habits can your health best ensure your health.


After the above analysis and discussion, we can draw a conclusion that sexy underwear wears too many times, which will affect physical health.Therefore, when you buy sexy underwear, choose the material and fabric with higher quality, and replace, clean and disinfect sex underwear regularly. At the same time, pay attention to good hygiene habits to ensure your health most effectively.

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