What sexy underwear is good for short fat

What is short fat?

Short fat refers to women with short height and full body.They usually need to choose the right sexy underwear to highlight their own advantages and cover the shortcomings.

Texture selection

For short fat women, it is suitable for choosing soft and comfortable materials, such as cotton and silk.These fabrics can provide a better sense of comfort and fit, and at the same time, they can also avoid excess fat and fat when wearing.

Model selection

When looking for sexy underwear, short fat women can choose a style with underwear cups. These underwear can effectively shape the chest and increase the sense of charm.In addition, the tightening model of the waist is also suitable for short fat women, which can have the effect of self -cultivation.

Selection of color

It is also important to choose a color that suits you.The light color series can better highlight the skin tone and charm of short and fat women, and it will not make the figure look too heavy.The dark color series is also suitable for short fat women, which can tighten the effect.


When choosing a sexy underwear, short -fat women can consider matching it with the appropriate clothing.For example, personal telescopic clothing can improve the waistline, and skirts can highlight the legs.At the same time, you can also choose a loose shirt to match to achieve the effect of self -cultivation.

Avoid too complicated designs

For short fat women, too complicated designs will make them look too crowded and even confused.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a simple and generous style to highlight charm and confidence.

Keep cleaning

The cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important.Short -fat women should pay attention to avoid too much cleaning methods. At the same time, they should also use detergents that are suitable for themselves for cleaning and maintenance to keep the underwear clean.

Buy a brand

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can consider choosing some famous brands to buy.These brands usually have more suitable design and fabrics to better meet the needs of short and fat women.

adjust your mindset

For short fat women, their own mentality is also very important.Be sure to recognize your charm and advantages, choose sexy underwear suitable for you, and emphasize self -confidence and sexy.

in conclusion

When choosing sexy underwear, short fat women can consider texture, models, colors, clothing, design, keeping clean and hygienic, buying brands, adjusting the mentality, etc. to find the most suitable sexy underwear for them.As long as you find your underwear, you can have confidence and charm no matter what you have.

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