What type of sexy underwear like Gemini likes

What type of sexy underwear like Gemini likes

Gemini, a very sensitive, curious, and changeable constellation. They understand all things in the world, including various sexy underwear.However, what is the preference of the twins in the field of fun underwear?This article will analyze from 8 angles to take you to find out.


For the twin men, the comfort of sexy underwear is very important.They like soft, breathable and comfortable fabrics, so the sexy underwear of cotton and silk texture is their best choice.At the same time, the version and design of the sexy underwear must also be in line with ergonomics, and the workmanship must be sophisticated to ensure comfortable dressing.


Gemini men have high requirements for color, and they are also very picky about sexy underwear.Generally speaking, black, red, and white are their first choice.These colors have both temperament and highlighted and mysterious side.In addition, they are tired of pink, blue and other delicate or dim colors.


Gemini men usually have unique insights on the design of sexy underwear, and they often use their imagination in the design of sexy underwear.They like charming and cute design, and sexy and novel designs, but the premise is not to lose comfort.For twins, sexy underwear design is not only wearing clothes, but also a kind of art, fashion brand, which will make them more confident and charm.

Home style

Many people think that sexy underwear is only used when emotional is high, but in fact, some erotic underwear is designed very suitable for wearing at home.For the twin men, this style can relax the body and mind, enjoy the home time that linger, and can also improve the interest of life.For example, the loose ring -lifting long -sleeved sexy home service, translucent long -sleeved sexy home service and other styles are their favorite choices.

Sexy sunscreen

Gemini men are very aware of health. They like sports and outdoor activities. However, they have high requirements for skin tones. They often choose sunscreen and sexy lingerie. This can protect the skin and improve the degree of cuteness.At the same time, in summer, wearing transparent and light sexy sunscreen underwear is also a kind of favorite.


For twins, brands are also very important. They pay attention to quality and design, and they are willing to spend a certain price for the brand.The sexy underwear of brands such as Chantelle, Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur and other brands is the most popular in their hearts. These brands can not only meet their quality of quality, but also meet their requirements for design.

Naked feeling

Twins like to wear free and naked wear experience, which is also a factor that needs to be considered when designing underwear design.There are no many bondage designs, such as low waist and lace design and other sexy underwear, which can allow twins to experience more free and relaxed dressing feelings.


For twins, sexy underwear is also very important. They hope that the accessories and shoes of the underwear matching, and even perfumes and makeup, will complement the styles and colors of the underwear.For example, a translucent top can be paired with transparent high -heeled shoes. Black lace underwear can be paired with lipstick and smoky eye makeup.


For the twins, the choice and brand of sexy underwear is not the only key. They pay more attention to the comfort and design of the underwear, and also like to work hard on underwear accessories.If you want a twin man to be happy, then choosing a sexy underwear he likes will make him heartbeat and make him love the house and Wu.

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