What sexy underwear can be worn in flat chest

What are the sexy underwear in flat chest?

Flat chest is a problem that makes many women worry, especially when wearing sex lingerie.Wearing the right sexy underwear will not only enhance the charm of women, but also change the proportion of figure.This article will introduce what sexy underwear is most suitable for flat -breasted women to wear, which can help you choose the right sexy underwear.

1. Preferred chest pad sexy underwear

Women of flat chest can prefer chest pads and sexy underwear. The chest pads can increase the longitudinal thickness and plumpness of the chest, making the chest look fuller.The chest pad sexy underwear can also help shape the chest shape and make the entire chest look more three -dimensional.

2. Recommended front buckle erotic underwear

The front buckle sexy underwear is suitable for the use of flat breasts. The front buckle design and the proper coating and supporting effect can effectively improve the chest shape.At the same time, it is convenient to wear and take off, and save the troubles of pulling the hook.

3. Try the triangle cup sexy underwear

Triangle cup sexy underwear is suitable for flat -breasted women, because it does not feel empty.Choose a thinner material so that it can effectively reduce the risk of expansion and make the chest more compact.

4. Avoid sexy underwear with too large cups

Flat women should not choose sexy underwear with too large cups.The cup will make the chest empty, but it will be counterproductive.Choosing a suitable size underwear can better modify the figure.

5. Consider chest plastic surgery and sexy underwear

If the flat chest problem is serious, you can consider choosing chest plastic surgery underwear. Such sexy underwear can shape the chest shape by positioning and design, and at the same time play a breast lifting effect.

6. Select the fun underwear of lace material

The sexy underwear of lace can make the chest look more three -dimensional, and the lace design can play a role in enhancing the charm of women.Women of flat breasts can choose delicate and soft lace material for sexy underwear, so that the chest shows a more feminine feeling.

7. Do not wear tight sexy underwear

Although too tight sexy underwear can effectively modify the shape, it will make the chest flatter or even awkward for women with flat breasts.Don’t pursue tight effects when wearing sex underwear, it is more important to choose a comfortable dress that suits you.

8. Consider sports sexy underwear

A moderate amount of exercise can increase the exercise of the pectoral muscles, thereby making the chest of flat breasts firmer.Choosing sports sexy underwear can play a supporting role. At the same time, sports sexy underwear is relatively loose and better comfortable.

9. Properly match a lace shirt

Flat breasts can be used to modify the figure with a lace shirt, and at the same time, they can make up for unique chest problems by choosing a lace shirt that suits them.But it should be noted that you do n’t have too much matching, otherwise you will feel unnatural.

10. Choose the right accessories

Appropriate accessories can help flat -breasted women to divert attention and make people’s attention more concentrated in other parts.For example, choose large particles of necklaces, tedious earrings and other accessories to disperse attention and make the shape more harmonious.


Wearing sex underwear is not to pursue the perfect appearance, but to make yourself more confident and comfortable.Women of flat chest should not be entangled in their chest problems, choose a suitable sex underwear for themselves, and express themselves with confidence and beauty.

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