What to do if the boy buys a female sexy underwear


It seems a private thing for boys to buy women’s sexy underwear.But in modern society, sexy underwear has been accepted by ordinary people, and sexy underwear shops are becoming more and more common.So in the face of this situation, what should boys do?This article will make a detailed explanation of this issue.

Know your girlfriend preference

Before choosing sexy underwear, boys need to understand the girlfriend’s preferences.You can start with your girlfriend’s usual style, favorite color, personality, etc. In order not to fight grass and snakes, you can listen to her voice inadvertently.In this way, choosing love -sharing underwear can better meet her taste and make her surprise and joy.

Familiar with sexy underwear brands

It is also important to have a lot of sex underwear brands. It is also important to choose a good brand.You can choose some well -known brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, Triumph, etc. These brands have high quality assurance and stylish design.In addition, you can learn about the love underwear brand through the Internet, friends, the media and other channels, and choose a brand that suits you and his girlfriend.

Choose a sexy underwear suitable for body shape

When choosing a sexy underwear, choose the underwear suitable for your girlfriend.Underwear will affect the feeling of closeness. If it is too small, it will be uncomfortable, and it will be easy to loosen and fall off when it is too big.Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable size underwear.If you are not sure about his girlfriend’s size, you can use the size she usually wear.

Try to avoid being too exposed

Although the design of sexy underwear will expose some body parts, boys should pay attention to moderate.It should be avoided, too exposed, too sexy, lingerie styles, because this is likely to make my girlfriend feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.Pay attention to selecting sexy and decent sexy underwear.

Avoid monotonous colorful and colorful

If a boy is ready to buy a variety of sexy underwear of different colors in a shopping, then avoid monotonous situations.Selecting a harmonious sexy underwear from design and color, I believe my girlfriend will like it more.

Diversity design style

The design style of sexy underwear is also very diverse. Boys can choose different styles according to their girlfriend’s personality and preferences.For example, sexy, cute, romantic, charming and other style of sexy underwear.Diverse selection can surprise girlfriends and enrich each other’s feelings.

Pay attention to underwear quality

The quality of erotic underwear directly affects the girlfriend’s dress experience and comfort. When choosing, boys must pay attention to the quality of underwear.Choosing some fabrics with excellent fabrics and fine workmanship can not only make girlfriends feel comfortable, but also resist the wear of washing every day.

Respect your girlfriend’s opinion

In the process of choosing sexy underwear, boys should also respect their girlfriends’ opinions.You can show your girlfriend some photos or magazines of sexy underwear and ask her opinions and suggestions.Girlfriend’s satisfaction is the ultimate goal of boys to choose sexy underwear.

Keep the mystery of shopping

Even if boys have already understood their girlfriend’s preferences, they must maintain a certain mystery in the shopping process.You can choose to put it in your pocket or put it in a shopping bag to make your girlfriend feel the mystery and surprise of shopping.

in conclusion

When boys choose women’s erotic underwear, they can comprehensively consider comprehensive considerations such as understanding their girlfriend’s preferences, familiarity with sexy underwear brands, choosing suitable for body shape, avoiding excessive exposure, color matching, design style, focusing on the quality of underwear, respect for girlfriends, and maintaining mystery.Especially when choosing, pay attention to your girlfriend’s preferences and physical size, and pay attention to the comfort and quality of underwear in order to achieve unexpected good results.

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