What is the use of the milk sticker given by sexy lingerie

What is the use of the milk sticker given by sexy lingerie

1. Increase the chest curve

Milk stickers are a kind of dedicated adhesive sticker sticking to the chest. It can lift the drooping chest to enhance the charm of the chest curve and make the chest look more sexy and charming.

2. Prevent nipple penetration

Some sexy lingerie styles are more transparent, and the milk stickers can cover the nipples well and avoid embarrassing penetration.

3. Increase the uniform feeling of the chest

Some women are subject to physical factors, and the size of the chest is inconsistent. The use of milk stickers can make up for such deficiencies, increase the uniform feeling of the chest, and make the chest more perfect.

4. Enhance the fit of underwear

Some styles of sexy underwear stickers are poor, which can easily lead to glowing or discomfort. Using milk stickers can enhance the fit of the underwear and make the underwear more personal.

5. Improve self -confidence

Many women feel inferior because their breasts are not plump enough. The use of milk stickers can make up for this deficiency to a certain extent, enhance self -confidence, and make women more beautiful and confident.

6. More suitable for exercise

Using milk stickers can fix the chest in the best position, so that discomfort or exercise damage will not cause discomfort or cause exercise damage during exercise.

7. More comfortable

Some women feel uncomfortable with the shoulder straps or steel rings of underwear. Using milk stickers can avoid the emergence of these problems and make women more comfortable and comfortable.

8. Increase the diversity of underwear

Some styles of erotic underwear need to be paired with milk stickers to show their characteristics. Using milk stickers can make underwear more diverse, showing unique charm that is different from ordinary underwear.

9. Fully display the back lines of the back

The design of some sexy underwear pays great attention to the display of the back lines. Using milk stickers can avoid excessive protrusions in the chest in the back -to -back sexy underwear, highlighting the beauty of the back.

10. Easy to use

The milk sticker is easy to use. You only need to tear the sticker and stick it under the chest. It is easy to clean after use and can be used multiple times.


The milk stickers presented by sexy underwear can not only make up for certain physical problems of women, but also increase the diversity of underwear and bring more beauty and self -confidence to women.The use of milk stickers is also very convenient, it is a good underwear matching option.

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