What can I say when wearing sex underwear


Wearing sexy underwear is no longer a taboo topic.More and more people are now enjoying the fun and excitement it brings.For those who are not familiar with the sexy underwear, understanding some basic knowledge and wearing skills will help you be more confident and pleasant in emotional life.

Interest underwear type

First of all, it is important to understand the type of love underwear.From lace, stockings, sexy underwear to leather, rubber, and restraint suits, various types of markets are rich and diverse, which can meet the needs, taste and budget of different users.Choosing sexy underwear suitable for your style and occasion is one of the keys to make you feel comfortable and confident.

Division of size and quality

In addition to the appearance and style, the size and quality are also the factors that you need to consider when choosing a sexy underwear.Make sure that the size of the underwear is appropriate, so that you can feel comfortable and confident when wearing underwear.The quality is to ensure that the underwear can be durable for a long time, and it is safer and hygienic when used.

Purchase technique

The skills of choosing sexy underwear are similar to ordinary underwear, but some tips can help you choose better.First of all, you can select a brand and product with high cost -effectiveness; second, try to choose the material with good breathability as much as possible to prevent itching and impermeable feelings.You can also distinguish pure cotton and synthetic materials to make more reasonable choices.

Matching skills

Another key to wear sex lingerie is how to match.Similar to fashion, the color, style and accessories of underwear and coats need to be coordinated.For example, black stockings can be paired with red bed shoes or high heels.Proper matching can make you more sexy, beautiful, fashionable and confident.

Wearing occasion

Interest underwear should also be paid attention to.It is more suitable for covering less occasions, such as at home, dating or bed.Avoid wearing too sexy or propaganda sexy underwear in public.Wearing sexy underwear at home or bed can increase the passion of sex, especially at important activities or evening meetings.

How to wear

The skills of wearing erotic underwear are also mastered.Different styles need different ways to wear.For example, stockings need to be rolled slowly to avoid hooks or damage.The bra needs to choose the appropriate underwear adjustment or chest pad to get better support and appropriate lines.Mastering wearing skills can make you more comfortable, comfortable and confident in the process of dressing.

Maintenance knowledge

Maintenance of sexy underwear should also pay attention to.Like ordinary clothes, sexy underwear needs to pay attention to cleaning and drying.Under normal circumstances, it is best to clean and use mild detergent and water.Naturally drying can avoid damage to the dryer.At the same time, pay attention to the size and quality of the underwear in order to choose the appropriate maintenance method.

The difference between sexy underwear and sexy underwear

Some people think that sexy underwear and sexy underwear are the same type.In fact, there are some differences between them.Sexy underwear focuses on showing the beauty of female body lines and skin, suitable for normal pajamas or daily clothes.And sexy underwear is more focused on the needs of stimulation and fun life, suitable for being used in bed or sex venues.

Underwear price factors

Finally, the price factor of understanding love underwear is one of the keys to help you better choose your underwear.Generally speaking, the price of underwear varies from material, vertical decoration and brand.You can find the right one in different channels and brands. It is best to pay attention to prices and fakes at the same time.


Wearing sexy underwear can bring a lot of fun and excitement, but also need to pay attention to wear and maintenance.Choose the right brand and type, and wear and match according to the situation, so that you can make you more confident, free and passion in sex life.

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