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Wedding is a very important moment in life. The bride hopes to find the most beautiful wedding dress and the sexiest sexy underwear. In this article, we will bring you some illustration videos of wedding sexy underwear to help you choose the most suitable for you to choose the most suitable for youYour own style.

Wedding erotic lingerie style

First of all, we need to learn about the basic styles of some wedding lingerie. Common wedding underwear includes chest stickers, vests, underwear and hanging straps.Interest underwear includes lace underwear, mesh gauze, stockings, bold splits and European and American style.Different styles are suitable for different figures and styles, and you need to consider carefully when choosing.

Wedding sexy lingerie material

In addition to the style, the material is also an important factor that you need to pay attention to when choosing a wedding lingerie.Generally speaking, wedding underwear is best to choose comfortable and breathable materials, such as cotton or silk, which can make you feel comfortable during the entire wedding process.Sexy underwear can selectively material, such as lace, silk, etc. These materials can add sexy charm of sexy underwear.

Wedding erotic underwear color

When choosing the color of wedding lingerie, you need to consider your wedding color and skin color.Generally speaking, wedding underwear is best to choose the color similar to the color of the wedding dress, so as not to expose it.Sexy underwear can choose sexy colors such as black and red, but you also need to consider your skin color and find the color that suits you best.

Wedding underwear and sexy underwear match

If you want to wear a wedding dress and a sexy underwear at your wedding, you need to pay attention to matching.Generally speaking, you can consider hiding sex underwear under the wedding dress. This can meet your sexy needs without affecting the overall shape.If you want a more passionate wedding, you can choose to expose a partial sex underwear, but you need to pay attention not to be too exposed.

Wedding sexy underwear size

When choosing a wedding and sexy underwear, you need to follow the principles of comfort and appropriateness.Especially in sexy underwear, if you choose too tight or loose size, it will affect the effect effect and even affect your emotions.Be sure to make a final decision after trying it on.

Maintenance of wedding sexy underwear

Finally, it should be noted that maintenance issues.Wedding and sexy underwear are high -end underwear, and you need to pay special attention to maintenance.Wedding dresses need to be cleaned, and sexy underwear generally requires hand washing to avoid using washing machines or powerful cleaners, so as not to damage the fabric and exquisite workmanship.

Wedding sexy underwear purchase and matching video

Here, we have prepared some purchasing and matching videos about wedding sex lingerie, hoping to help you choose and match.

Official wedding sex lingerie match tutorial

The following is a tutorial on the official wedding sexy lingerie, which introduces the basic styles and points of various wedding underwear and sexy underwear.

Celebrity wedding sex lingerie selection and matching

Next is the choice and video of some celebrities’ wedding sexy underwear. The choice and matching of the stars can give us more inspiration and reference.


When choosing a wedding sexy underwear, you need to consider style, material, color, size and maintenance.When matching, it is necessary to follow the principles of comfort, appropriateness, and beauty to show their sexy and charm as much as possible.

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