The sexy underwear in Taobao is not good -looking

Why is the sexy underwear in Taobao not good enough?

Today, Taobao has become the main channel for people’s shopping, and sexy underwear is no exception.But do you feel disappointed when you buy sexy underwear on Taobao?Whether it is style, material or quality, it always feels different from physical pictures.

Why is the sexy underwear in Taobao lost?

In fact, the occurrence of this problem is related to the reason for the Taobao business model.Most of the sexy underwear on Taobao is sold by manufacturers through wholesale, and these manufacturers do not have their own ability and quality control capabilities to design underwear. They just produce similar products to Taobao for sales.Therefore, there are more and more homogeneous products, but less creative and novel design, so that the fun underwear style is getting older, and it is difficult to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Can’t be sexy and quality at the same time?

Many Taobao underwear sellers are in love with low prices, so they often use some low -cost and high -quality materials to reduce costs.Even the seller will take some immoral means, such as using PS to make pictures to mislead consumers’ purchase judgments through photos.Therefore, consumers need to pay more attention to the details of the materials and underwear when purchasing sexy underwear.

Interest underwear is not just the appearance

Many people only pay attention to the appearance of the product when they buy sexy underwear and ignore the actual product content.In fact, the material of the sexy underwear, the structure and odor of the lower body need to be considered.These factors can not only affect the comfort of the product, but also affect health. Therefore, when buying sexy underwear on Taobao, we must comprehensively consider these factors.

It is recommended to find a professional sexy underwear shop

There are many different stores on Taobao to sell sexy underwear, but not all stores can provide professional and responsible services.Employees of underwear stores can provide professional opinions and suggestions, and at the same time, they can ensure that underwear with guaranteed quality is available.On Taobao, the size of the specifications of sexy underwear, the ingredients of the material, and the process of purchasing are usually not so convenient and easy to understand. Therefore, it is a good choice to use professional sexy underwear shops.

Know your body size

Taobao sex underwear, especially sexy underwear, only has average size, and the size is not very complete.Therefore, before buying, measure your chest, waist, buttocks and other data, and carefully check the size of the underwear to ensure that the bought underwear is suitable for your body size.

Don’t just look at the price

Price is not the only criterion for buying sexy underwear.On Taobao, prices are often deceived, and low -cost products often mean low -quality products.More importantly, considering that sexy underwear is often a product facing a private field, so quality and practicality are more important considerations.

Pay attention to details when buying

You need to pay attention to some details to buy any products on Taobao.If you pay attention to logistics courier fees, do not be attracted by some free discounts, pay attention to the seller’s return policy, it is best to choose to support seven days without reason to return the goods.

Combine your own personality

Interest underwear is not an unrelated product. It is the emotional personality manifestation of users.Therefore, it is recommended to buy styles that are suitable for your own underwear. At the same time, it is necessary to match your personal character, and you will be more decent in your own suitable scenes.


There is a certain gap between Taobao’s sexy underwear market and physical stores, but we can focus on understanding our physical size, paying attention to details, buying in professional stores, do not just look at prices and personalities to combine these aspects to help ourselves buy itThe quality is guaranteed and the sexy underwear suitable for you.

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