The most trendy sexy lingerie increase code

1. Increase the demand for code sex underwear increased

With the increase of people’s attention to sex health, more and more increasingly increased the sex underwear market is rising.This segment has great demands in Asia, North America, and Europe. This is not only because of the rise in the proportion of obesity, but also because of people’s attitude towards sexy, health and self -confidence.

From the data point of view, increasing the demand for the sexy underwear market is growing.Increasing the sexy underwear not only avoids some discomfort caused by no correct underwear, but also plays a role in shape and self -cultivation.

Second, increase the design style of the code sex underwear

In order to meet the needs of increased size customers, the design of the sexy underwear brand focuses on comfort and penetration.In addition to functional requirements, different brands or series increased code sex underwear, and their design styles also have their own characteristics.

For example, some brands of increased code sex underwear use complex lace design and lace tailoring.This design can highlight the sexy and elegance of women, and make the wearer feel confident and pleasant in sexy underwear.

3. Increase the material and fabric of the code sex underwear

When choosing to increase the code sex underwear, good quality fabrics and materials are essential.The quality of the fabric and material is related to the effect and comfort of the sexy underwear.Under normal circumstances, the fabrics and materials of increasing code sexy underwear are thicker and higher than ordinary sexy underwear.

Common fabrics and materials are: and their silk, satin, silky, denim, tender denim, chiffon, etc.These fabrics generally contain elasticity and can provide better body shaping effects and support functions.

Fourth, increase the style and accessories of code sex lingerie

Increasing the style and configuration of code sexy underwear may also be different from ordinary erotic underwear.Some brands will launch special custom styles to meet more shapes and size needs, and at the same time make more efforts to ensure "reflection of quality".

Some large -size sexy underwear also adds accessories, such as waist seal, pants, gloves and other decorations to emphasize the charm of women.These auxiliary products can play a variety of functions such as further strengthening body shaping effects, locking wearing positions, and improving overall fashion.

5. Increase the wearing skills of code sex underwear

Pay attention to some techniques when wearing an increased or sexy underwear to ensure comfort and best wear effect.

First of all, the correct size is important.Increasing the selection of code sex underwear should be more suitable for your body, not too tight or loose.Secondly, to ensure the appropriateness of the clothes, you cannot live or too thick.

6. Increase the use of code sex underwear

Increase the code sex underwear suitable for wearing on those occasions?Some manufacturers will recommend wearing intimate moments between husband and wife to increase interest and romance; some will be in daily life; and increased code sex underwear can also be worn on multiple occasions such as pools, seaside, nightclubs.

7. Increase the method of buying the code sex underwear

Before buying an increased sexy underwear, you can search and compare the price on different shopping platforms.Some brands of official websites are also sold. It is recommended to look at the activities and promotional information of the official website of the brand to obtain preferential prices.

8. Increase the future trend of code sex underwear

With the promotion of healthy diet and healthy lifestyle, the increase in the market for the sexy underwear will continue to grow in the future.In addition, consumers are expected to be higher and higher, with good quality and reasonable price increases and sexy underwear will become more and more promoted and accepted.


Increasing the demand for the market for the lingerie market is increasing. At the same time, the design, materials and styles of increasing code sex underwear are also continuously improved.In the future, with the continuous improvement of consumers’ attention to healthy lifestyle and quality, there will also be more sexy underwear brands that are suitable for increasing customers.

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