The latest convention and exhibition of sexy underwear

The background of the sex underwear exhibition

With the development of the times, the types of erotic underwear are becoming more and more abundant, and the exhibition will become an important way to promote new sexy underwear.Every year, there are many sex lingerie brands holding exhibitions to let more people understand their products.The recent sex underwear exhibition just kicked off in a city.

Introduction to the exhibition brand

The sex underwear will gather more than 30 brands.These brands include Victoria Secret, Jenny School, AIKSSOO, Lascana, etc.Each brand shows its latest sexy underwear on the exhibition.


The sexy underwear exhibited at the exhibition focuses on details, and the design is designed so that the wearer feels the beautiful visual impact.The characteristics of this exhibit also include some attractive elements, such as lace, velvet, lace lace, etc.And each brand provides different choices, suitable for women of different styles and age.

Exhibition theme

The theme of the exhibition is "the beauty of women in the new era and the beauty of details."This theme is to convey to people that women have become increasingly important groups in contemporary society. They not only pay attention to their own image, but also pursue exquisite details.The exhibition exhibits all show this theme.


The exhibition not only exhibited products of sexy underwear, but also showed some activities related to underwear.For example, some well -known fashion bloggers and models will show you the sexual wearing skills of sexy underwear at the scene. Some brands also set up a test room and makeup mirror at the exhibition site, so that visitors can make a better try on to make a choiceEssence

Impact on women

With the gradual improvement of women’s status in society, they are no longer simply passive customers in the choice of underwear.By visiting the exhibition, women can better understand the sexy underwear style of different brands, understand how to choose suitable underwear according to different occasions, and how to better integrate into life.

Impact on the brand

The purpose of the exhibition is to let more people understand the brand and products, increase brand influence, and increase sales.The sex underwear exhibition opened more sales channels for the brand, attracted more target customers, and increased brand awareness.

Impact on the industry

The Info Underwear Exhibition can be regarded as a large -scale public course in the entire sex underwear industry.The comparison of the quality and style of each brand allows consumers to better understand the direction of the industry, and the entire industry will also benefit from the fresh blood brought by the exhibition activities.At the same time, the exhibition can promote the exchanges and cooperation of various brands in the industry.

Future Outlook

It can be seen from the Funny Underwear Exhibition that more and more brands have begun to focus on design and details to meet widespread consumer needs.In the future, the sexy underwear industry will pay more and more attention to the performance of innovation, quality and details to meet the needs of customers and increase the brand’s influence.

Point of view

Interest underwear exhibition is a platform that presents new products, new design, new ideas, new ideas, new concepts, and new methods.It can promote the development of the brand and the popularity of the industry, and also provide consumers with more diverse choices.I believe that in the future, we will be able to see more and more excellent sexy underwear brands and more exquisite works.

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