The hostess wears sexy underwear, the president’s novel

A female owner wears a sexy underwear, the president’s novel

The heroine is cute and handsome, the president is handsome and handsome, and the status is very different. He staged a period of love that crosses the class.In the novel, the heroine wears various styles of sexy underwear to tease the president and make him more obsessed with her.Now, let’s explore the types of these sexy underwear.

1. lace sexy underwear

As a very important material in sexy underwear, lace can bring a very sexy and charming feeling, which is very suitable for the role positioning of the heroine.The heroine put on a set of black lace sexy underwear, and the dark green eyes swept through the president, making him at a loss.

2. Lace hollow and fun underwear

On the basis of lace sexy underwear, add a little hollow design to make the whole set of underwear more sexy.The heroine put on a set of red hollow erotic underwear, exuding an enchanting atmosphere, making the president unable to extricate herself.

3. Stockings sex underwear suits

Stockings sex lingerie set is a classic match in sexy underwear. The female lead wears black stockings sexy underwear suits and high heels, beautiful legs at a glance.This combination has also become the first choice for many women’s sexy underwear.

4. Belly Board Fairy Underwear

The stomachache sex underwear is generally bare chest and abdomen, especially suitable for those confident women.The heroine put on the red bellyband and sexy lingerie, revealing sexy collarbone and peaceful abdomen, and her perfect figure caused the president to fall in an instant.

5. Open crotch sex sheet

Open crotch sex lingerie is bolder in the overall design. The design of the open crotch fully shows the sexy charm of the heroine.The heroine put on a set of black open crotch sexy underwear, standing in front of the president, seemed to be extremely tempting.

6. Transparent sexy underwear

Transparent erotic underwear can show women’s body lines vividly, giving people full of imagination.The heroine put on a transparent sexy underwear, and the fine -striped style outlines the curve of her figure to the fullest.

7. Even the body fun underwear

Even the body sex underwear can fit the upper and lower body perfectly together, giving people a feeling of connecting.The heroine put on the purple conjoined sexy underwear and showed her body impeccable.

8. Anime sexy sheet

In the sexy underwear industry, there are also exclusive styles that use secondary elements, which are suitable for women who like cute and cute style.The heroine put on a set of pink anime erotic underwear, making the president even more loved her.

9. Leather erotic underwear

Leather sex lingerie is mostly used for role -playing, making women into another role, giving people a very mysterious feeling.The heroine put on leather sexy underwear and became a sexy female police officer, making the president obsessed with it.

10. Sexy pajamas

Sexy pajamas are generally called evening sportswear, which can make women charming and charming, but it is fresh and natural.The heroine put on a sexy pajamas, exuding an irresistible temptation, making the president love.

in conclusion

As a more private product, sexy underwear can play a good sexy and flirtatious role in appropriate occasions.When choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose according to your own personality and characteristics. Putting a suitable set of sexy underwear can make the whole person sexy and make the other party obsessed with unprecedented obsession.

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