Small fatty sexy underwear

Small fatty sexy underwear

Small fatty sexy underwear

Every woman is worth having a beautiful erotic underwear, but if you are a little fat girl, you may be difficult to find a sexy underwear that suits you.Don’t worry, we have prepared some useful suggestions for you to help you find underwear that suits you.

1. Determine your own size

First, you need to position your size.When buying sexy underwear or any other type of underwear, it is particularly important to understand your size.Positioning your own size can make you easier to buy and more easily discover the style that suits you best.

2. Select the right style

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It is also important to choose the right style.The little fat girl can choose to use dark sexy underwear to stretch the figure to avoid choosing too brightly to increase the bust, waist circumference, buttocks printed underwear, and it is not recommended to choose elements such as overly complicated lace and sequins.

3. Consider the comfort of wearing

Comfort is very important, especially for the small girl girl.Interest underwear should be comfortable and comfortable, and it will not restrain the body.Choose a style that leaves the space in the vagina or breasts to ensure that you can be comfortable and freely to carry out life activities while wearing sexy underwear.

4. Don’t choose too tight underwear

If you are slightly fat, choosing too tight underwear may highlight the fat in your lower abdomen, arms and thighs.Therefore, when choosing a fun underwear, do not choose too tight styles to avoid unnecessary trouble.

5. Pay attention to the chest shape

No matter what your chest shape is, you need to choose the right sexy underwear.Full cups or half -cup sexy underwear is suitable for small breasts. If it is a woman with a plump chest, you can choose a 3/4 cup or air cushion cup to create a plump and charming chest shape.

6. Adhere to a healthy diet and exercise habits

It is important to wear sex underwear, but at the same time, it is necessary to adhere to a healthy diet and sports habits to maintain figure.When you adhere to a healthy lifestyle, even if you put on a sexy underwear, your body will not become so prominent, you can confidently show your charm.

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7. Master the correct method of dressing

Even the most suitable erotic underwear, if it is not worn properly, it will be counterproductive.It is very important to master the correct method of dressing, especially for the little girl girl.Correctly wearing can avoid unnecessary discomfort and maximize the wonderful effects of sexy underwear.

8. Choose the right material

Material is an important factor affecting the quality of sexy underwear, especially in terms of comfort and persistence.The small fat girl can choose a sexy underwear with good breathability and soft and comfortable fabric. At the same time, it should follow reasonable prices and quality proportions. Do not choose products with poor quality because of too low prices.

9. Accessories are also important

Note that the accessories of sexy underwear are also important, including shoulder straps and hook buckles.Make sure you choose a sexy underwear with adjustable shoulder straps and hook buckles to ensure that you can choose the comfort that suits you best and avoid unnecessary discomfort.

10. Stimulate self -confidence

Finally, after wearing a beautiful sexy underwear, don’t forget to stimulate self -confidence.Note that you are beautiful and say "I’m beautiful" loudly. This self -confidence will pass outward and make you more attractive.


The little fat girl can also wear her favorite sexy underwear. As long as you notice your own characteristics and careful choice, you will definitely show the perfect curve and attractive charm.