Small chest shows big sexy lingerie gathers

Small chest shows big sexy lingerie gathers

1. Choose the right material

If you want a small chest, you must first choose the appropriate material.The personal sexy underwear must be soft and smooth. High -quality fabrics can better emphasize the chest lines and avoid restraint and marks.Common high -quality materials are linen, cotton, silk, elastic fiber, etc.

2. Fill/fake chest pads

If you want to increase your chest faster, filling or fake chest pads is a good choice.They can not only shape the natural curve, but also strengthen the plump chest.Of course, choosing the right size and shape is important to avoid exaggeration.

3. Deep V design

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Wearing a deep -V -style sexy underwear can make the chest lines more beautiful, and the visual illusion created by the deep V -type collar will make the chest look more plump and upright.These sexy underwear is very suitable for sexy and fashionable daily life.

4. Milk cover sexy underwear

The bray cup of the milk cover underwear is similar to the milk tea cover, which can bring more beautiful visual effects. The chest part is more round and full, which is a good choice for small breasts.Choose a light -colored milk cover underwear to make your chest glorious.

5. S three -dimensional thick sexy underwear

The three -dimensional thickened design is a common technique to increase the size of the chest.This kind of sexy underwear can not only close the chest, bring a fuller feeling, and at the same time push the chest higher and tall.

6. U -shaped design underwear

The Cup of U -shaped underwear is a fan -shaped. The chest lines are naturally curved and can store small breasts, which creates a fuller visual effect.

7. Lift hip sex jacket

If you want to focus on your hips, lifting your buttocks sexy underwear is a good choice.This design makes your hips look fuller.The bra is also strengthened, and it looks more plump and upright.


8. Asymmetric design

Trying asymmetric design can make the small breasts appear more dynamic.For example, one -sided shoulder strap design, front unilateral cable chain and asymmetric tailoring can all make more vivid contrast, promote visual deception, and highlight the plump chest.

9. Color matching

In addition to design, color matching is also the key.There are many beautiful small breasts in the bright color of the lingerie in the bright colors, such as nude and rose red, pale pink and mint green, gray and goose yellow.Choosing the right color can create more dynamic and vivid visual effects, making the chest look fuller.

10. Confidence

Finally, self -confidence is really important.Only women full of confidence can exude a charming light in any circumstances.No matter how beautiful the beautiful lines and design are, the effect will be discounted if they lack confidence.Therefore, small breasts should be cherished and believed as a beautiful curve.

in conclusion:

Regardless of the size of a woman’s chest, beautiful sexy underwear can bring more confidence and charm.For small breasts, choosing the right sexy underwear, creating natural lines and self -confidence are very important.