Sexy underwear show Guangzhou 2014

Sexy underwear show Guangzhou 2014

Fairy Underwear Show Guangzhou 2014 opening

Interest underwear has always been the area that has attracted much attention in the fashion circle, and the sexy underwear show is one of the highlights.In 2014, Guangzhou held a grand erotic underwear show, attracting many fashion enthusiasts to come and watch.

European and American brands debut

Many European and American brands also appeared on the sexy underwear show this time.They brought many innovative designs, giving the audience a fashionable atmosphere.

Bold and imaginative design

Sexy Lace Blindfold – 7681 – 7682 – 7686

In the 2014 Guangzhou Fun Underwear Show, we can see some very bold designs.Interest underwear is no longer just simple black and red styles. Various details designs make them more unique.

Many colors can choose

Compared with traditional sexy underwear, the underwear on the show will become more colorful.Purple, pink, yellow, etc., it seems that all colors can be used in sexy underwear.

Compatibility of sexy and stylish fashion

Fun underwear is no longer just a sexy sexy, and designers combine sexy and fashionablely.Underwear has become a fashionable expression.

Underwear for different bodies

The designers pay great attention to the comfort of underwear, and have launched various styles for men and women with different figures.Whether you are a T -shaped or full body, you can find a suitable sexy underwear.

Performability of different occasions

Interest underwear is no longer just the clothes that come to wear. In this show, many underwear is designed as a style that can be worn at different occasions.Some underwear can even wear underwear to become the highlights of daily matching.

Lingerie Set

Artistic shooting and display

Interest underwear is also an art. The designers presented it to make the audience feel its unique beauty.In the show, designers use various artistic methods to shoot and display sexy underwear.

Standardization of underwear size

In the past, the standardization of fun underwear size has always been a problem.However, in the 2014 Guangzhou show, designers have launched a new standard that allows consumers to more conveniently buy their own underwear.

The future of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear, as the field of fashion in the fashion industry, has unlimited potential and room for development.We believe that in the future, it will still bring us more surprises and unlimited possibilities.

Viewpoint: As a fashion expression method, sexy underwear should focus on its comfort and wearing.In the future, the sexy underwear should pay more attention to innovation and practicality, so that consumers can show their unique beauty at the same time as comfortable.