Sexy underwear production teaching video

Sexy underwear production teaching video

Sexy underwear production teaching video

As a new type of underwear, sexy underwear can not only meet the sexy and beautiful needs of women, but also increase the taste and intimacy between husband and wife.For friends who like hand -made, making a sexy underwear you like is also an interesting thing.If you want to learn sexy underwear production skills, this article will introduce some sexy underwear making teaching videos.

1. How to make a soft cup bra

The soft cup bra is the first choice for making sexy underwear.When making a soft cup bra, you need to buy the appropriate material and bra model, and then make it according to the drawings.In video teaching, the teacher will explain the production process and skills in detail to let you understand easily.

2. The method of making three -point sexy underwear

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Three -point erotic underwear is a more difficult to make sexy underwear.It needs to use many different materials for fabrics, so it takes a relatively long time.In video teaching, the teacher will gradually demonstrate all steps and teach you how to choose materials and fine production.

3. Making method of wrapped chest or beaming chest

Wrapped chests and breasts are two super simple sexy lingerie styles.The degree is very suitable for beginners to get started. The required materials are very simple, and the process of making is very easy to understand.In video teaching, teachers will demonstrate how to buy materials and enjoy these materials for you.

4. How to make socks Li’s production

Socks are more common in sexy underwear, which can be made into animals.In video teaching, the teacher will introduce you to selection and production skills, and teach you how to tailor and suture the fabric.After learning the production skills of this underwear, you will be able to use the same skills to make more complicated styles.

5. How to make lace underwear

Lace underwear is the top style in sexy underwear, which brings people a noble, stylish and sexy feeling.Making lace underwear requires certain handmade experience and skills.In video teaching, teachers will explain in detail how to buy and use lace materials, and teach you how to make complex lace lace.

6. Simple T -type sexy underwear production method

T -type sex underwear is the simplest style in sexy underwear.It only takes a few simple steps to make a T -type underwear.In video teaching, teachers will explain in detail how to buy materials and how to measure and sewing cloth.

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7. Making of transparent plastic underwear

Transparent plastic underwear is the most special type of sexy underwear. It shows a unique sexy and translucent effect.In video teaching, teachers will explain in detail the selection and production techniques of transparent plastic underwear to ensure that you can easily learn this underwear production skills.

8. Design skills of different types of underwear

In video teaching, the teacher will show the production skills of different sexy underwear and teach you how to design and create sexy underwear of different styles.You will understand how to choose appropriate materials, use models and drawings, and make necessary modifications and improvements.

in conclusion:

The teaching video of sexy underwear allows novices to better understand the skills and steps of the production of love underwear, so that beginners can easily get started.The key is to choose the right video course and teacher, focusing on demonstrating every step and skills.Through video teaching, you can learn to make various types of underwear, making your fashion more fashionable, sexy and more sexy.