Sexy underwear doll special silicone

Sexy underwear doll special silicone

Sexy underwear doll special silicone

When buying a sexy doll, in addition to paying attention to the appearance and material, it is also very important to buy suitable silicone.Buying wrong silicone may affect the life and use effect of the doll.And sexy lingerie doll -specific silicone is also an important issue that cannot be ignored.In this article, we will explore the related issues of sexual silicone for sexy underwear dolls.

Silicone classification

There are different types of silicone suitable for different materials.Silicone is divided into two categories: platinum silicon and silicon.Platinum silicon is a food -grade silicone, which is non -toxic and tasteless. After many use, it will not deteriorate.Silicon dioxide is a more common silicone, but its texture is harder, and it is easy to rupture and aging.Therefore, when choosing a silicone, be sure to choose platinum silicon.

Silicone density

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Silicone density has a great impact on the feel and texture of the doll.High -density silicone feels hard, feels not very soft, and has a large difference in texture of the real skin, which will affect the use effect.The low -density silicone feels soft and the touch is closer to real people.Therefore, we recommend using low -density silicone.

Silicone adaptability

Silicone has the characteristics of easy deformation, and the internal structure of each doll is different. The problem of adaptability of silicone and dolls needs to be considered.Different dolls need to use different adaptive silicone to prevent the doll from being affected.Under normal circumstances, manufacturers provide suitable silicone, and need to pay attention to buying the correct silicone when buying.

Silicone medical certification

Effective silicone should meet the FDA standard, which is obviously important.We need to ensure that the material and production process of silicone meet the requirements to meet the medical certification standards.When buying silicone, please confirm its medical certification standards.

Silicone color

Silicone has two colors: white and skin tone, and the skin tone of silicone can create a more real feeling for the doll.But this is not the only advantage of silicone, so you can choose different colors according to personal needs when buying.

Silicone’s anti -aging ability

The service life of silicone is affected by its anti -aging ability. Generally, the life of silicone with better anti -aging ability is longer.Therefore, when buying, we need to choose silicone with good anti -aging ability.

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Silicone price

The price of silicone will be different. Generally, the quality of silicone at lower prices is low and easy to get aging.Considering the effect of silicone with silicone that guarantees the quality of the quality of the quality.In the long run, the appropriate price choice is more important.

Silicone brand

The reputation of the silicone brand is one of the key to considering when buying.Under normal circumstances, brands of silicone have appropriate silicone density, medical certification and appropriate adaptability, which can improve the service life of silicone.

Silicone storage

Proper storage methods can not only extend the service life of silicone, but also ensure the cleaning and hygiene of silicone.Silicone should not be in contact with substances such as fat, fat, and need to pay attention to it when storing.


It is very important to choose the right silicone, which directly affects the comfort and life of doll use.Pay attention to the following aspects to choose the right: brand, medical certification, silicone density, silicone adaptability, silicone color, silicone anti -aging ability, price, and storage method.Essence