Sexy underwear alert

Sexy underwear alert


The design of sexy underwear is unpredictable. Since ancient times, it has unique aesthetic and cultural connotations. More and more people have begun to try to wear sexy underwear to increase interest and sex.Among the many sexy lingerie categories, the police uniform series is very popular.Let ’s take a look at the product category of sexy underwear.


Sex lingerie police uniforms are special styles of sexy underwear that simulate police uniforms.It is made of colors, patterns and texture design with police uniform characteristics, which generally include jackets, pants, handcuffs, and alarm sticks.It has a unique police image and prank nature of Western culture.This kind of sexy underwear reveals the unscrupulous and enthusiastic atmosphere, which has a great interference effect on hidden fun.

Dress details

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The sexy underwear police uniforms are generally black or blue. They have obvious collar and buttons or zippers, dark shawls, special shoulder chapters, police signs, reflective strips and other designs.Some of them have small accessories such as handcuffs and batons to make them more interesting.The layout of the police uniform is also an important aspect of fun. Generally, there are two styles such as cover style, double -breasted, single -breasted buckle, and pants have two styles: tight and loose.


Interesting lingerie police uniforms are suitable for theme gatherings, role -playing, sex life scenes, etc., helping to increase life interest, stimulate physical sensitivity and irritating spirit.At the same time, this sexy underwear is also an effective solution to the inspiration of the desire that is unable to suppress and the cold situation of sex.

Material selection

The material of the sexy underwear police uniform needs to be used with high -quality soft fabrics, which is comfortable and does not cause skin allergies or erythema.Common materials include PU leather, elastic cotton, etc.Among them, PU leather is specially manufactured to imitate the material of police uniforms, and elastic cotton is also a comfortable and breathable choice.


Interesting underwear police uniforms need to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance to maintain the hygiene and fashion.Cleaning should be taken to avoid using too strong cleaning agents, and should also avoid being washed with other clothing, thereby avoiding wear and fading.In addition, it is best to collect this kind of fun underwear in a ventilated place to avoid damage and fading.

Brand recommendation

Although there are already a lot of sexy underwear brands on the market to launch sex underwear alarm, in terms of quality and design, we still have to find some reliable brands, such as Leg Avenue, Cottelli Collection, Obsessive, BACI Lingerie and other brands. TheyIt belongs to high -end brands and has a well -produced process and fashionable design.I believe that these brands of sexy underwear police uniforms will definitely make you amazing.


Wearing skills

The wearing skills of sexy underwear police uniforms are also very worthy of grasping. First of all, you should choose a size that is suitable for your body. Proper tightness will look more sexy.Secondly, the matching shoes and accessories also need to be simple and appropriate. Be sure not to cause excessive complexity and weird.In the end, the most important point is that before wearing, you still have to discuss and communicate with your partner to ensure that both of them can be interested.


Interest lingerie police uniforms are an important part of sexy life. It has both the excellent fusion of real life and role -playing. More importantly, it can be comfortable and distant between couples.Perverted atmosphere.Therefore, for friends who want to have a colorful and sexy life, sexy underwear police uniforms are also one of the choices that cannot be ignored.


Although the sexy lingerie police uniforms are limited and special, in the long run, we believe that under the inspiration of interesting life, it will definitely express love in a more reasonable and relaxed way.Plant a small victory.