Taobao sex lingerie shop with picture evaluation


Nowadays, sex underwear is no longer sold in those dim shops, but a display of a shop on Taobao.From fancy, quality to price, choice becomes more diverse.This article will introduce several Taobao sex underwear shops, and analyze the quality of underwear and user evaluation of each store.

Shop 1: Ou Shina

Oshina is a German erotic underwear brand. All underwear in the shop is based on European and American style and color, which is popular with young women.Overall, if you want to find some highly praised quality of sexy underwear on Taobao, this is a good choice.Opina’s underwear is relatively high, but it is guaranteed in quality.In the user evaluation, many people mentioned the comfort of the store and the high quality of the materials.

Shop 2: SSI Adult Products Store

SSI adult products store is a adult sex product specialty store, which provides all kinds of adult products, underwear, men’s and women’s clothing, etc.Customer evaluation is generally very positive.Compared to the price of Oshina store underwear, the price of SSI underwear is more civilian.The material is not worse than Ou Na, and it is also sufficient in fancy, which meets the needs of consumers of different ages.

Shop 3: Cherish time

Treasure time is a headquarters online female underwear brand. The underwear marketing of the shop is designed for the ergonomics of Chinese women.In terms of price, cherish time shops are cheaper. The manufacturers and suppliers behind the store directly provide products to consumers. There are no other agents or middlemen, so the price is cost -effective.In the evaluation, most users praise their materials and underwear texture.But some users think that fancy is too simple.

Shop 4: DR. Lady Poon Lier underwear

Dr. Lady Ronglier underwear is a brand store dedicated to providing high -quality, fashionable and comfortable underwear.Compared with Oshina, the store’s underwear materials are generally not as good as Oshina’s high -end products.In terms of price, Dr. Lady’s underwear is more civilian than Oshina.In the evaluation, many users think that the fancy of the underwear is a bit too conservative, but the quality of the underwear is worth mentioning.

Shop 5: Zhimitina

Zhimitina is an old -fashioned sexy underwear shop, one of the Taobao TOPC stores.Compared with other stores, the underwear style of the shop is more mature and more suitable for the needs of middle -aged women and senior consumers.The price of underwear in the store in the store is incompetent in the highlights of the highlights.

Shop 6: Wanxing Win -Win Intellectual Underwear Specialty Store

Wanxi Huisu underwear specialty store is a relatively low -key shop with the price and various styles of civilians.In the evaluation, the user gave a considerable high evaluation to the store. They believed that their underwear was comfortable and quality, and it was quite cost -effective compared to its price.

Shop 7: Xinzi Beautiful Intellectual Lingerie Store

Xinzi Beauty Innerwear Specialty Store is a underwear shop (including transparent, sexy underwear, etc.), which is naturally organic and metal jewelry.The underwear fabric of the shop feels soft and comfortable, and it is the user’s sensory enjoyment.The price is relatively civilian, and in customer evaluation, it has received a good response.

Shop 8: VIP Pretty Space

VIP beautiful space is a shop that focuses on high -end, fashionable and beautiful sexy underwear. There are many styles of European and American style.The store’s underwear is good and the price is relatively expensive.In the evaluation, many users praised the feeling of underwear materials and fabrics, and the shop was also faster to launch new products.

Shop Nine: Angelova Anqi Luowa Wells Store

Angelova’s underwear in Angelova Angelo Wells is full of sexy and romantic style, and the price is relatively high.In customer evaluation, its quality has been well received by consumers, and materials and fabrics are high -quality, but its style is not suitable for all consumer people.

Shop 10: SK Evil Angel Rabbit

The SK Evil Angel Rabbit is a low -key Taobao sex lingerie shop. The selling underwear style is focused on visual impact. It has the advantages of popular young women and the price is low.In the evaluation, many users praised the sexy and peaceful price of their underwear, but some users believed that the quality was slightly lacking.


The above is my evaluation of the ten sexy underwear shops on Taobao.Different consumers need underwear materials and sexy requirements.Before shopping, consumers should do a good job of survey of underwear brands, quality, and prices according to personal needs, so that they can better choose the fun underwear style that suits them when purchasing.

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