Zhou Weitong’s Interesting Underwear Photo

Zhou Weitong’s Interesting Underwear Photo


In the fashion circle, although sexy underwear is not well known to the public as ordinary underwear, it is also a kind of fashion element in the underwear industry that expresses sexy and independent.As a perfect representative, Zhou Weitong showed this fashion element to the fullest in his sexual underwear photo. Today we will discuss the mystery contained in it.


The concept of erotic underwear originated from the West, and was gradually introduced into Asia.Different from the sexy elements of traditional underwear, sexy underwear is more prominent through a kind of art processing and design.This fashion element is vividly displayed.

detail design

In the design of sexy underwear, details are a very important link, because it can not only enhance the beauty of the underwear itself, but also reflect the sexy effect of the underwear.In Zhou Weitong’s set of sexy underwear photos, you can see exquisite design details. For example, the border of the underwear is made of soft lace. This texture can increase the comfort and beauty of the underwear, and make the overall lines of the underwear more even more.Smooth.

Fabric selection

The selection of fabrics of sexy underwear is also a very particular link, because the fabric will not only affect the comfort of the underwear, but also directly affect the texture and appearance of the underwear.In Zhou Weitong’s sexy underwear photo, the fabrics of underwear are generally used in high -end lace, gauze and other fabrics. This fabric can give the underwear a softer and personal feeling, making the overall effect more brilliant.

color match

The color matching of sexy underwear is also very important, which is related to the sexy temperament and personality represented by underwear.In this set of sexy underwear photos of Zhou Weitong, she can see that she has chosen some very sexy color schemes, such as black, red, etc. These colors give people a cold and tension feeling, and they also meet the independence and independence and independence and pursuit of sexy underwear.Freedom spiritual connotation.

design style

The design style of sexy underwear is also very diversified, some romantic and soft, some enthusiastic.In Zhou Weitong’s sexy underwear photo, you can see the design style of this set of underwear is relatively romantic and soft.The lines of the entire underwear go smoothly, and the colors are mainly based on bright tones, showing a gentle temperament.

Applicable scene

The applicable scenes of sexy underwear are also very diverse. Some are suitable for private time between them, and some are more suitable for use of sentiment bars, nightclubs and other occasions.Zhou Weitong’s sexy underwear photo is more suitable for use in more private places, because its design style and color tone are more suitable for the intimate time between the two.


The style of sexy underwear is rich and diverse, which can show women’s charm, excellence, and personality.Zhou Weitong’s underwear style characteristics show more free and personalized style. This style also conforms to the spiritual spirit of independence in the fashion industry, which is more vocal to be sought after by young women.


As a representative of sexy and independent fashion elements, sexy underwear has been vividly displayed in Zhou Weitong’s sexy underwear.Through the use of detail design, fabric selection, color matching and style characteristics, Zhou Weitong shows his own personality, taste and thinking in the design of the underwear, and in the fashion field, the fashion element of sexy underwearPushed to a new height.