Zhao Mosheng wears fun underwear in that episode

Zhao Mosheng wore a sexy lingerie to attract netizens

Recently, the heroine Zhao Mosheng in the hit drama "Biography of Chu Qiao" Zhao Mosheng put on the sexy sexy underwear, which caused heated discussion among netizens.

The definition and use of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a underwear with sexy, tempting, innocence, and charming. It is used to increase sexuality, enrich the life of husband and wife, and improve sexual blessing.

The design and style of sexy underwear

The focus of sexy underwear design is sexy, temptation and charming. Its styles mainly include split type, open chest, transparent, ultra -short type, etc.

Why do people like to wear sexy sheets

Putting on sex underwear can make men and women feel the impulse and keenness of sexual desire.In intimate relationships, some sense of ritual and atmosphere can be added, the emotional exchanges of two people can be increased, thereby going further.

How do women choose sexy sheets

For women, choosing sexy underwear should take into account factors such as their bodies, skin tones, and personality. For example, people who look good can choose the style of sexy lines, people with white skin tone can choose a translucent style, and so on.Pay attention to the quality and comfort of the material when choosing.

How do men send love underwear for girlfriends or wives

When sending a girlfriend or wife’s erotic underwear, you need to consider the other party’s preferences and styles, and also choose products with moderate prices according to your own economic conditions. In addition, you also need to be generous, gentle, considerate and decent when giving gifts.

The brand and price of sexy underwear

At present, there are many sexy underwear brands sold in the market, and the price is large. Some well -known brands such as Atonce, Annasuiya, etc., the price is about 500 yuan; some unknown brands, the price is less than 100 yuan.

Interesting and cleaning of sexy underwear

The maintenance and cleaning of sexy underwear requires extra carefulness. Generally, it is recommended to wash it with hand, and do not mix it. Do not use a hard brush or bleach or the sun.

Whether sexy underwear is suitable for everyone

Interest underwear is not suitable for all people. It may not be suitable for some conservative people or inferior people.


Interest underwear is a underwear with sexy, charming, seductive elements, to increase sex.When choosing and wearing, you need to pay attention to your own figure, style and maintenance, as well as respecting the other person’s preferences and physical conditions.