Yuanshen character wearing fun underwear video


In order to add more fashion elements to the Yuan Shen character in the game, the game production company launched a series of sexy underwear to give the characters more free to play, and at the same time allow players to enjoy the visual feast in the game more.Recently, the official also released the character of the Yuanshen character wearing a sexy underwear, allowing players to better understand these special clothing styles.

Stockings series

The first sex underwear series is a stockings series. This series is characterized by high elastic fabrics to wrap the character’s legs and highlight the leg curve.At the same time, the stockings series also provide a variety of colors and pattern choices, allowing players to create their satisfactory shape.

Lace series

The lace series is a more sexy underwear style.It uses transparent materials and lace design as its main features, which cleverly shows the body curve of the Yuanshen character.With various colors and styles, the lace series can meet the needs of different players and make them more charming in the game.

Leather clothing series

If you like the combination of sexy charm and sense of strength, then the leather series will be a good choice.This series uses a strong leather in materials to create a unique style. It also provides a variety of color and style choices to meet the different needs of players and let them feel unique charm and aura.

Gymnastics series

The gymnastics series is different from the previous styles. It uses light fabric and transparent design style, while maintaining sexy and highlighting the softness of the character body.At the same time, the gymnastics series also provides a variety of colors and patterns. Players can choose their favorite shapes to create their own unique charm.

Kimono series

If you like Japanese style, then the kimono series will be a good choice.This series uses satin fabric and traditional kimono design, highlighting the elegance and noble character of the Yuanshen character.Different colors and details make the kimono series one of the most distinctive sexy underwear in the game.

Swimsuit series

The swimsuit series is not only a costume suitable for swimming pools or beaches. It can also show the beauty and charming charm of the female Yuanshen in the game.This series provides a variety of swimsuit styles, players can choose the most suitable style according to their preferences.

Daily series

If you want to make Yuan Shen a gentle, cute, mature and elegant woman, the daily series will be a good choice.This series uses simple design and high -quality fabrics, so that the character of the Yuanshen can also exude confidence and charm in daily life.

Combat series

The combat series provides more protection and advantages to the role of Yuanshen.Using solid fabrics and special designs, this series is one of the most practical and unique underwear in the game.Because it has high defense and attack attributes, using the sexy underwear of the combat series in the battle can help players win more victory.


In general, Yuanshen’s character wearing sexy underwear videos provides players with more choices and fun.Whether you want to show sexy and charm, or the improvement of strength and advantages, you can achieve it through these sexy underwear series.Let’s look forward to more colorful Yuanshen character clothing together.

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