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Overview of Yiwu Intellectual Underwear Wholesale Market

As a small commodity city in China, Yiwu has a wealth of underwear production bases. Among them, love underwear is also one of the popular products.Therefore, Yiwu’s Infusion Underwear Wholesale Market is also one of the largest sex lingerie scatters in the country.

S classification and style of sexy underwear

The so -called erotic underwear refers to the use of innovative materials and design methods while maintaining basic functions to reflect the fun and sexy underwear.Depending on the style and materials, sexy underwear can be divided into multiple types.Common sexy underwear classifications include adult toy underwear, beauty sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, and European and American sexy underwear.

Frequently sexy lingerie style introduction

1. Sex underwear pantyhose set: This style is characterized by simple, low price, suitable for those who just touch sexy underwear.

2. Hollow lace sexy underwear: This underwear is particularly sexy, suitable for those atmospheres that want to break the plain.

3. Belly pista underwear: This kind of underwear is special in exposing the navel.

4. Bikini sexy underwear: This sexy lingerie style is similar to the general bikini, which is extremely sexy.

Where to buy regular sexy underwear

1. E -commerce platform.At present, Taobao, Tmall, JD.com and other e -commerce platforms all have channels for providing consumers with sex underwear, and the price is close to the people. There are many shops on Taobao that can be selected according to their preferences.

2. Yiwu market.The Yiwu market has a richer erotic underwear brand, style, and quality than the e -commerce platform. At the same time, the price is relatively favorable and easy to wholesale.

3. Sex underwear store.There are already many sexy underwear brands on the market to open specialty stores, and the quality of erotic underwear provided by these stores is guaranteed.

How to distinguish the quality level of sexy underwear

1. First of all, look at the material of the underwear: The materials used in good erotic underwear are ecological and environmentally friendly and will not stimulate the skin of the human body.

2. Secondly, look at underwear cuts: Good erotic underwear is cut exquisitely. There is no line head, relatively flat, and good elasticity.

3. Furthermore, look at the details of the underwear: Good erotic underwear has very good details, and often work hard on the details.

How to wear sexy underwear correctly

The premise of wearing a sexy underwear is to choose the right underwear that is right.The correct step is:

1. Put on underwear first, and then put on underwear.

2. Adjust the shoulder strap of the underwear to the position that suits you.

3. Adjust the loosening of the bra. Some erotic lingerie cups are smaller. You need to adjust the waistline buckle of the bra to the most loose position to facilitate wearing.

Sexy underwear maintenance

Because some sexy underwear uses special materials, pay attention to daily maintenance.

1. The washing method should be mainly washed by hand, and washed without an electric washing machine.

2. Use neutral cleaning agents such as soap to clean when washing. Do not use bleach, powerful sewage agent, etc.

3. Do not expose the sun after washing, but should be dried in the ventilation.

The development prospects of the sex underwear industry

In the current social background, the sexy underwear industry has naturally received the support of more and more women and men.Although the starting point of the industry is a bit low and the sexy underwear is not necessary to be a must -have for family, after several years of operating development, the industry has been greatly improved.

Overall, Yiwu ’s sex underwear wholesale market has entered a mature period of development. It has an increasingly broad market prospect. More and more merchants have begun to turn to online sales. These are the development trends of sexy underwear.

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