Yang Yixun underwear photos

Yang Yixun underwear photos: understand and appreciate

1. Funeral underwear overwear overwear

Interest underwear is a special design of underwear, which has temptation and sexy beauty, making people feel the joy of sex and fun.Its types of various types, such as: net socks, bellybands, straps, pantyhose, sexy skirts, and sexy pajamas.As a goddess -level star, Yang Yi has a bold and avant -garde style, often showing us the charm of various types of sexy underwear.

Second, Yang Yi affectionate underwear photo display

As a famous sexy goddess, Yang Yi often appears in public underwear. Her sexy curve and a good figure show the beauty of sexy underwear.Yang Yixun’s underwear photos are shown in the figure below, and you can clearly see the matching methods of various sexual erotic lingerie.

Third, fancy underwear wearing skills

The wearing of sexy underwear is slightly different from ordinary underwear. Some sexy underwear is not suitable for workers, but can be worn in sex occasions.There are many fancy underwear wearing skills, such as fixing with transparent tape, choosing suitable size, adjusting the position of underwear, and sexy high heels.These techniques can not only show the beauty of underwear, but also highlight the beauty of the body curve.

Fourth, sexy net socks

Sexy net socks are one of the highlights of sexy underwear.Whether in private occasions or in public, net socks are becoming more and more fashionable.Sexy net socks can not only add charm, but also visually extend the leg lines.The sexy net socks wearing Yang Yi in some fashion activities have become a fashion trend.

Five, the charm of the chest sticker

The chest paste is a popular underwear that can modify the chest curve and highlight the temperament.It is especially suitable for clothing slits with obvious traces on the shoulders and chests.The sexy goddess Yang Yi still maintains confidence and sexy wearing a chest sticker in the photo, showing the charm of the underwear to the fullest.

6. The fashion trend of sexy pajamas

Sexy pajamas are currently popular bed clothing. It can round up women’s body curves and highlight the beauty and sexy of women.Yang Yi wears sexy pajamas intensively in some life photos, showing a perfect temperament under the face photos, making people more exciting to accompany clothing on this form of bed.

7. The sexy performance of European and American underwear

European and American underwear is more serious and meticulous in terms of color and design, and can better highlight the beautiful curve of women.Yang Yi also wore European and American -style sexy underwear in the outside, especially in the black and red series, showing the sexy performance of European and American underwear.

8. Recommend sexy underwear brand

The brand is very important for the choice of sexy underwear.Recommended brands such as: Agent Provocateur brand, La Perla brand, and Victoria ’s Secret brand.The fun underwear of these brands is full of design and high material, which will definitely make you the sexiest goddess.

Nine, how to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?

It is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you, because different styles and brands are suitable for different figures and styles.When you choose a sexy underwear that suits you, you need to consider a few factors, such as your body, your favorite scenes, and the types and materials of underwear.Only by understanding these factors can you easily choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

10. Conclusion

Yang Yixun underwear shows us the different types and matching methods of sexy underwear.Her appearance not only showed us the temperament of the luxurious and sexy underwear provocatively of other brands, but also showed us the beauty of superb fashion underwear queen.

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