Yang Ying’s sexy underwear photo


Yang Ying is a well -known actress in Chinese areas such as mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. He has appeared in films and TV series such as "Little Times" and "The Birth of an Actor".Not only is her good acting, her beauty is also attracted much attention.The reason why Yang Ying’s sexy underwear has attracted much attention because she dares to challenge tradition and dare to try different styles of sexy underwear.

European and American style dirt

In Yang Ying’s European and American style of sexy underwear photos, you can often see elements such as lace, bellyband.This style of sexy underwear focuses on the impact of visual effects, and it will also remind people of sexy performance in Western culture.

Japanese -style kimono sexy underwear

In the photos of Yang Ying’s Japanese -style kimono, you can often see the beautiful kimono style.This style of sexy underwear blends the traditional Oriental culture elements, showing a unique charm.

Sexy black color sexy underwear

Black sexy underwear is a very popular one nowadays, and Yang Ying has made a lot of attempts on the black sexy underwear.Her sexy black sexy underwear photos not only reflect the mysterious charm of black itself, but also exert the sexy to the extreme.

Fresh blue sexy underwear

Unlike black, blue sexy underwear is a fresh and bright color.In the photos of Yang Ying put on the blue color sexy underwear, you can not only see the fresh hue, but also feel a gentle atmosphere.

Pink girl sexy underwear

Pink sexy underwear is the favorite of net reds and girls, and Yang Ying’s photos of pink pornographic underwear show the effect of cuteness and sexy coexistence.This sexy underwear allows her to show her dual character.

Pure white color sexy underwear

Pure white erotic underwear is a quite white and pure color, and it is also very classic.Yang Ying can also feel her elegance and beauty in a photo of pure white and sexy underwear.

Stockings uniform sex underwear

The sexy underwear of stockings uniforms is a product that combines sexy in Europe and the United States with the oriental charm.In the photos of Yang Ying wearing stockings uniforms, she not only retains the characteristics of this sexy underwear, but also complements her temperament and beauty.

High -quality material sexy underwear

In addition to the diversification of styles and styles, Yang Ying is also very particular about the choice of sexy underwear.She chooses a quality of sexy underwear to ensure her health and comfort.


In the photos of Yang Ying’s sexy underwear, we see not only the figure of a beautiful girl, but also a sexy and beautiful attitude.This attitude is not only a manifestation of an actress, but also her self -awareness and deepening of her aesthetic and personality creation.

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