Yaluzi Fun underwear disadvantages

Yaluzi Fun underwear disadvantages

In recent years, the interesting underwear industry has flourished and has a variety of choices. As one of them, Yarozi’s inevitably exists in some disadvantages.The following is an analysis of the disadvantages of Yaluo’s fun underwear:

Single style

Compared with other brands, the style of Yaluo’s fun underwear is relatively single.Whether it is bras or underwear, the design style is similar, which is not rich enough.

Incomplete size

The size of Yaluzi Sakura underwear is relatively small, which may not be able to meet the needs of all consumers.Especially women with large or super small size are often difficult to find products with suitable sizes.

The fabric is not breathable enough

Yaluo’s sexy underwear is made of artificial fiber materials. Compared with natural fabrics, insufficient breathability may make people feel uncomfortable.

Rough workmanship

In terms of production technology, compared with some high -end brands, Yaluo’s sexy underwear is relatively rough and prone to defects such as line heads and balls.


Because the quality of the dyes used in Yaluo’s fun underwear is not high enough, the product is easy to fade, and it cannot withstand multiple cleaning, and it is easy to dye other clothes or skin.

Not comfortable enough

For some consumers with higher requirements for dressing, they may feel that the texture of Yaluo’s sexy lingerie facial facial texture is hard or tight and strong.


Compared with other brands, the price of Yaluzi’s sexy lingerie is relatively high, but the design and materials of the product cannot be comparable to high -priced brands, and their cost performance is not high.

The packaging is not exquisite enough

In the design of different brands of sexy underwear packaging, Yarlozi looks mediocre.If the packaging is not exquisite enough, it may leave a bad impression on some consumers who are pursued by the brand.

The service is not thoughtful enough

Compared with other brands, Yarozi’s customer service may have insufficient problems.For example, after -sales service and product consultation may not be as good as other brands.

Suitable for age layer restrictions

The style design and suitable wearing crowds of Yaluo Sakura may be limited to a certain age layer, not necessarily suitable for all female consumers.

Overall, Yaluzi has a relatively large disadvantage of sexy underwear.Consumers need to compare different brands before buying and understand their needs in order to make wise decisions when choosing.

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