Write in sex underwear express delivery of daily necessities

Background introduction

In recent years, the sales of sexy underwear in the market have become more and more concerned, and people’s attention to sexual health has increased day by day.However, buying sexy underwear is always pronounced in the process of expressing privacy. For example, it is written on the item packaging with "sexy underwear", which has become a concern for many people.In recent years, some people have discovered that "daily necessities" will be marked on courier items. This situation may attract our attention -whether sexy underwear can be regarded as an ordinary daily necessities?

The difference between sexy underwear and daily necessities

First of all, we need to clarify the essential difference between sexy underwear and daily necessities.Daily necessities are generally used in our daily life, such as toothbrushes, towels, paper towels, and so on.And sexy underwear is a sexual clothing. The original intention of design is to increase sexual interest.Although sexy underwear is also a kind of daily necessities to a certain extent, sex underwear is more private, so their nature is different.

The reasonableness of the courier items labeled

When budding "daily necessities" to sex underwear, we should consider the rationality marked.As the moral concepts of society are continuously improved and the deepening of people’s sexual concepts, the purchase of sexy underwear is no longer a shame. On the contrary, this behavior has become increasingly recognized by the public.Therefore, sexy underwear is marked as "daily necessities" by courier is also a reasonable way to mark.

Consumer needs

For consumers who buy sexy underwear, they hope to receive products in a more hidden way, so that they can better protect privacy.The next question is, should we bet the sexy underwear as "daily necessities" when we still need to protect consumer privacy?

The benefits of marking "daily necessities"

Injecting sex underwear as "daily necessities" can help protect consumers’ privacy, and consumers are more willing to treat them as ordinary products.In addition, for courier companies, labeling "daily necessities" is more common and can meet more different types of items.At the same time, the courier company also has better privacy protection capabilities.

The disadvantage of "daily necessities"

Injecting sex underwear as "daily necessities" will also have corresponding disadvantages.Because sexy underwear is privacy and they are different from ordinary daily necessities, this identity will cause people to misunderstand them during the express delivery process.In some cases, this misunderstanding may cause other unnecessary problems.

Consumers’ choice

For consumers, they need to choose whether sexy underwear should be marked as "daily necessities".Some consumers may be more inclined to receive products in a more hidden way, while others do not pay much attention to this.

Express company’s attitude

Express company’s labeling attitude towards sexy underwear is also worth exploring.Some courier companies will notify sex underwear as "daily necessities", while others do not make such labels.Considering the different needs of consumers, some courier companies have also launched special labeling methods, which provides consumers with a more flexible choice.

Questions to be discussed further

It is worth noting that this article is not an article on whether the sexy underwear should be marked as a "daily necessities", but a discussion about this topic.In the context of express items, the rationality of sexy underwear as "daily necessities" needs to be further discussed.

in conclusion

In general, it is a reasonable and respected way to identify erotic underwear as a "daily necessities".However, consumers should also fully realize the difference between sexy underwear and ordinary daily necessities, and make choices based on their actual needs.Express companies should also launch a more flexible labeling method to meet the different needs of consumers.

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