Women’s sympathy underwear tuning

Women’s sympathy underwear tuning

Sexy underwear is regarded as sexual artifacts by many young women, and lesbian is no exception.When lesbian analyzes sexy underwear, many of them need to consider differently from heterosexual women’s thinking.Therefore, this article will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of women’s sexy underwear.

1. Sex underwear and body

For lesbians, sex is more restrained and more stable, which has also led to their more accurate requirements for sex, and their physical and emotional reaching the extreme is their love.Therefore, for such women, the type, size and feeling of sexy underwear need to be more rigorous.

2. Active and passive posture

Interesting underwear containing active and passive posture is very valuable for lesbian.For the "shoulder strap" element, women wearing such sex underwear can enjoy the pleasure of being possessing.Moreover, if he hugs in the process of intimacy with her, the lesbian will see a special echo on the back straps of both sides, which will make them more excited.

3. Full -body exposed sexy underwear

For lesbians, the exposed sexy underwear is very popular.The biggest feature of this sexy underwear is to show the woman’s body in front of each other.For lesbians, observing the naked body of your beloved person will have a very excited and beautiful feeling.

4. The design of V -shaped

For heterosexuals, the design of V -shaped is mainly to emphasize the cleavage and chest shape, but in the female sympathy underwear, the design of this design is more profound.When designing sexy underwear with V -line, you can experience the physical feelings of women from deeper, so that the other party can experience a deeper sex experience.

5. Shoulder straps and fixed bands

During the selection of sexy underwear, the choice of shoulder straps and fixed bands is an important element that affects the experience of lesbian.Choosing a suitable shoulder strap and fixed band can make lesbian show a perfect body curve in sex.Elements such as acupoints and belts are also a superior improvement in the sexual experience of lesbians.

6. Tie tight sexy underwear

The use of tight sexy underwear may bring a little pain to lesbian, but this is not a problem for women who like to be controlled and tuned.The tight sexy underwear can bring a restraint experience to users, and the feeling of restraint can bring a stronger and pleasant experience to lesbian.


One of the reasons why the belly -enclosed sexy underwear has become a popular choice of lesbians is that it can increase the interval between the belly and the pelvic parts.Such a design allows lesbian to have a kind of pleasure to be controlled, and it is more accurate in the process of sex.

8. Lopping style

The lash design usually increases fresh and hot sex feelings to a new height.This type of sexy underwear is mainly to stimulate the deepest sexual desire in the heart.Once you master this state of relaxation, lesbian can explore the most authentic self in the process of sex.

Viewpoint: Female sexy underwear is a life art. Through good choices and matching, lesbian can enjoy the best sex state.

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