Women’s sexy underwear style price

Overview of women’s sexy underwear pants

Women’s sexy underwear is currently a fashion clothing that is increasingly loved by women consumers.In addition to the exquisiteness of the appearance, it also reflects the charm of women’s freedom, confidence, sexy, gentleness, and charming.Interest underwear includes underwear and pants, so when choosing sexy underwear, you need not only pay attention to the style and quality of the underwear, but also pay attention to the style and material of the pants.So what are the styles and prices of women’s sexy underwear?


The thong is a more popular style of sexual pants. Its design is very simple, but it has a narrow triangle area in the hips, which can show the beauty of women.The price is relatively civilian, usually between 20-30 yuan.

Hollow pants

Hollow pants are a special sexual panties, which literally means "hollow" pants.It designed a beautiful vacant pattern on the hips and inside of the thighs, showing the sexy charm of women.The price varies from factors such as brands and materials, and is generally between 50-150 yuan.


Broa -trousers are a comfortable and practical sexual panties. The design is simple. The triangular cloth surface is between the hips and the thighs, bringing a comfortable dressing.The price is relatively cheap, usually between 10-30 yuan.

Lace pants

Lace pants are a high -end and sophisticated sexy panties. The cloth surface is made of lace fabrics. The texture is soft and very in line with women’s aesthetic needs.The price is relatively high, generally between 80-300 yuan.

Temptation T pants

Tempting T pants is a new type of sexy underwear, which is inspired by the neckline line of the T -shirt. It is made of lace and mesh material, showing women’s chest shape and curve beauty.The price is also relatively expensive, generally between 100-400 yuan.

Open crotch pants

Open crotch pants are a kind of irritating erotic underwear. The overall design follows the style of traditional underwear, but it is left with open crotch design in key parts, which is convenient for the use of small props such as sex toys.The price is relatively cheap, usually between 20-60 yuan.

Butterfly pants

Butterfly pants are a special sexual panties. Women wear beautiful butterfly wings on the hips, which is very attractive.The price is relatively cheap, usually between 20-40 yuan.

Burn hot pants

Love hot pants are a kind of sexy underwear that makes people lust in their hearts. It uses perspective tulle fabrics to show the feminine curve, but also shows a feeling of enthusiasm.The price varies from brand and style, generally between 60-200 yuan.

Pearl T pants

Pearl T pants are a creative sexy underwear, which is inspired by the pearl necklace.There is a pearl line in the position of the hips, showing the elegant temperament and attractive charm of women.The price is relatively expensive, generally between 100-500 yuan.

Apron vest

The apron vest is a very cute sexy underwear. The upper body is a vest style, and the hem and lower apron style, which is very humorous and strong.The price is relatively cheap, usually between 50-150 yuan.


Women’s sexy underwear is a necessary item for women’s exploration and emotional world. Style and price are factor that consumers need to consider when choosing.Of course, it is more important to buy quality and charm of quality of quality and suitable styles.

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