Women please her husband to buy sexy underwear

Women please her husband to buy sexy underwear

When we talk about sexy underwear, people usually think of their sexy, seductive and charming.Although these are true, sexy underwear is not only a clothing that is worn for sex, it is also a way to please and interact.If you want to add some fun to your marriage life, or make your husband feel special, then buying some sexy underwear is a good idea.However, it is not easy to choose and wear these clothing correctly.Next, we will introduce you to some information about sexy underwear to help you find the style that suits you and your husband.

1. Understand your husband’s taste

The first step in buying sexy underwear is to understand your husband’s taste.What color, materials, styles, etc. do your husband like.If you have a tasting of him, you can choose love underwear according to his taste, making him feel kind and surprised.

2. Consider your body and temperament

Although the main purpose of sexy underwear is to cater to your husband’s taste, you should also consider your body and temperament.Choosing a sexy underwear suitable for your body can enhance your self -confidence and make you feel sexy when you put on them.You can also choose some clothing styles that help to emphasize your advantages, cover your shortcomings, and enhance your temperament.

3. Select the style suitable for the occasion

Sex underwear is usually used in private occasions, such as romantic dinner with your husband at home or enjoying the time of the two alone.However, different situations need different underwear styles.For example, wear a soft sexy underwear at dinner, and choose a more bold clothing at enthusiasm.

4. Understand various materials

The material of sexy underwear is very important.Various materials have their unique advantages and disadvantages such as hygroscopic, comfort, appearance effects, so you need to understand the characteristics of these materials to choose underwear that is most suitable for your needs.Common materials include silk, cotton, lace, fish nets, leather, etc.

5. Pay attention to size and comfort

Sex underwear aims to enhance your charm and attractiveness, but this does not mean that you should choose inappropriate sizes or clothing without comfort.Too large or too small clothing will make you look awkward or uncomfortable, which may affect your self -esteem and self -confidence.Therefore, make sure your underwear size is correct, and you must also ensure comfortable wear.

6. Try multiple styles

Some people like the same underwear to add changes, but when buying sexy underwear, it is best to try different styles as much as possible.This can help you gradually discover which styles are most suitable for you. You can also understand which style of clothing your husband prefers.

7. Buy an appropriate amount of sexy underwear

Even if you choose the sexy lingerie style that is best for yourself and your husband, please do not buy too much at one time.Buying a small amount of underwear allows you to easily swap to wear, and allow you to try novices in dressing.In addition, buying several types of styles may also add some surprises to your and your partner and extend your freshness.

8. Remember to maintain sexy underwear

Sex underwear requires special protection and cleaning.These clothes are usually made of fragile fabrics, so do not use overheated water or dry directly in the sun.When you use machine washing, you must use washing bags or hand -washing, and note that the soft agent may cause damage to the material and softness of sexy underwear.

9. Prepare self -confidence and courage

It takes some self -confidence and courage to wear sex underwear, especially for those who have never worn these clothing.However, please remember that when you put on these clothing, please keep your relaxation and confidence as much as possible.Because the ultimate purpose of sexy underwear is to enhance your charm and attractiveness, and make you full of confidence and attractive power.

10. Viewpoint

Buying sexy underwear is a way to enhance your relationship with your husband.Not only can increase the physical attraction between you, but also enhance the emotional connection between you.When buying sexy underwear, consider the taste, body, temperament, occasion, etc. of your own and your partner, so that you can find the most suitable clothing style for you.Finally, please remember to maintain and change sexy underwear in a timely manner.

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