Will you wear fun underwear for your boyfriend?

Boyfriend’s request

Your boyfriend proposed to you that he wanted to see you wearing a sexy underwear. As a girlfriend or wife, you have to have a clear answer to this.This requires you to first know his specific requirements, and then consider your preferences and how to meet his needs in comfort.

Your comfort

Putting on sex underwear may not be the first choice for every woman, because comfort is the first consideration.If you feel uncomfortable, then you are unconfident when wearing fun underwear.Therefore, it is very important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you style and size.You can try to try some different styles, and then decide what is suitable for you.

Sex underwear category

There are many types of erotic underwear to choose from: adult sex lingerie, beauty sex lingerie, sexy sexy lingerie, European and American sex lingerie.You can choose the style of underwear that suits you, they all have different design styles and characteristics.For example, adult sexy underwear usually includes suits, role -playing clothing, leather products and accessories.

Selection of accessories

Matching with sexy underwear accessories may increase some more irritating effects, such as high heels, stockings, handcuffs and eye masks.These accessories can increase some fun and innovation, making her boyfriend feel more excited.However, you need to choose carefully when choosing accessories to ensure that they are consistent with your underwear style and personal style.

Try different colors

Interest underwear not only has a variety of different styles, but also a factor that needs to be paid attention to.Red, black, purple and blue are the most common colors.You can choose the right color according to your skin color, preferences and situations.Light -colored erotic underwear will increase the sense of freshness, while dark colors will be more mysterious and sexy.

Selection of size

It is important to choose a size suitable for you.If you choose too small size, you will feel very uncomfortable and unconfident.If you choose a large size, the underwear may not show your body curve.Therefore, it is necessary to understand your body and choose the correct size.

Boyfriend’s taste

Every man’s favorite lingerie style is different.To understand his taste, we can choose the corresponding style to meet his needs.If he likes sexy underwear, then you can choose a sexy underwear with high -quality lace and mesh design.If he prefers a cute female image, then you can choose to play clothing.

Enjoy the excitement together

Wearing a sexy underwear can bring more expectations and stimuli to you and my boyfriend.It will increase the sensory experience and make the sexual life between each other more exciting.By exploring various sexy underwear and accessories, you and your boyfriend can create a more positive and imaginative sex life.

Don’t force yourself

Finally, if you don’t want to wear a fun underwear or uncertain, don’t force yourself.Sexual needs are a positive experience between two people. If you feel uncomfortable or unconfident, then sexual life will be affected.It is a good choice to decline the invitation of his boyfriend and explore other sexual methods with him.


In short, wearing sexy underwear needs to consider personal preferences and boyfriends.The style and size, appropriate accessories selection, and correct color matching are elements that need to be considered.But important, don’t force yourself, but find the best choice that suits you and your boyfriend through exploring and experiments.

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