Wife’s new sexy underwear

My wife’s new sexy underwear, I just started to react

When I saw my wife buying sexy underwear online, my reaction was hesitant and worried.I am worried that these clothes are strange and not suitable for ordinary couples like us.However, when I saw her trying through these sexy underwear, I was amazed.

The first sexy underwear

The first sexy underwear is a red lace corset and lace trousers.This underwear not only shows her sexy body, but also strengthens our close relationship.

The temptation of transparent sex underwear

Transparent sexy underwear may be one of the most seductive styles.My wife bought a black transparent corset and thong, which looked very amazing.

Complex complicated styles that are difficult to control

Some erotic involved parts are complicated and difficult to control.My wife bought a set of purple lace camisole and high -waisted lace pants, which looked very beautiful, but needed to wait patiently and adapt to the way of dressing.

Beautiful, but not practical sexy underwear

Some sexy underwear looks very beautiful, but it is actually not practical.His wife bought a set of black lace and silk corset and hips, which looked very sexy, but we finally found that it was uncomfortable and was not suitable for long -term wear.

Sexy is not only black and red

Black and red may be the most common sexy underwear color.However, we found that the sexy underwear of other colors is also sexy.His wife bought a pink lace corset and thong, which showed a softer color, but also had a sexy atmosphere.

How to take care of sexy underwear

Sex underwear needs special care and maintenance to maintain its beauty and sexy.Do not mix the sexy underwear with other clothing, use a mild detergent, and wash the sexy underwear.Finally, don’t put it in a dryer or at high temperature.

The reason why sexy underwear makes us closer

Interest underwear is not only for appearance, but also improves our intimacy.When we use sexy underwear, we pay more attention to each other’s body, deepen the intimacy between us and enhance our cooperation.

New ideas inspired by sexy underwear

Wife’s new purchase of fun underwear inspired us to try new ideas and ways to increase interaction.We can play in a more creative and interesting room environment and use some new toys to increase interest.

My conclusion: Fun underwear is worth trying

Wife’s new purchase of fun underwear not only enhances our intimacy, but also makes our lives more interesting and colorful.My conclusion is that sexy underwear is a way worth trying.

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